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The Man with the Golden Gun 1974

James Bond is led to believe that he is targeted by the world's most expensive assassin while he attempts to recover sensitive solar cell technology that is being sold to the highest bidder...

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A guilty pleasure for me. Britt Eckland is gorgeous, and it's probably my second favorite of the Roger Moore Bonds, with The Spy Who Loved Me in first.
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Angelina Jolie plays the vixen, Billy Bob Thornton the quiet strange guy, John Cusack the sarcastic lead and Cate Blanchett is the housewife. Perhaps that's why it all seems so familiar.
James Bond's Ruthless Rival!
The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) Christopher Lee is just too cool of an actor for me to not enjoy this movie. The difference between this movie and the previous Bonds is that this one is pretty much just a personal movie for Bond instead of some type of world domination or drug scheme. Nick Nack was a cool henchman. I used to watch him as Tattoo on Fantasy Island as a kid so that was cool to see him in this movie. Christopher Lee is of course a very distinguished actor but after seeing him as Count Dooku and Saruman it's really cool to see him as another great villain and at a much younger age. I just thought this was kind of a unique installment in the Bond series.
James Bond: This never happened to the other fella. Q: Right. Now pay attention, 007. I want you to take great care of this equipment. There are one or two rather special accessories... James Bond: Q, have I ever let you down? Q: Frequently.
James faces his ruthless,vicious rival.
Watched this on Thanksgiving. I love James Bond movies. This is the one with the little midget which is aways a winner. And the kung foo fighting is good. Considering the year.
James Bond is up against his vicious rival.
A very interesting story with good plot twists and nail-bitting suspense. 'Golden Gun' is a non-formulaic Bond-movie, which is not only a breath of fresh air but very original in comparison. Plus, it still manages to retain all the essential elements of action, humor, and sex appeal.
My very first Bond movie viewed. Truly a travesty that I hadn't seen one before. This is going to lead to a lot of catching up.
007 Contra o Homem com a Pistola de Ouro S
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The Man With the Golden Gun Review Rating: 3.3/10 Rated: PG Starring: Roger Moore and Christopher Lee Genre: Action/Suspense Film #9 In the James Bond Series Well, I'm back to reviewing Bond (since everyone else is)... and this is surely not a good film to start back up with. James Bond is at it again, being chased by an assassin with a golden gun who wants to kill him. Christopher Lee creates an interesting, yet boring villain... who doesn't scare you or excite you. Roger Moore's Bond is once again, one that I do not prefer... but, this film it takes my dislike to a whole nother level. Bond is rude and out of character, acting like a scoundrel rather than a flirtatious hero... in this film we get a Bond who pushes kids off speeding boats and has sex in front of a woman who likes him... he's just a down-right low character in this film. The only good thing about this film is The Man with the Golden Gun's assistant, a midget named Nick Nack; who gives us a little taste of what the Bond Films are usually like. The story is uninvolving, the film has little to no action, and Bond is almost gadget-less... this truly Bond at his worst. Concensus: Way too silly and annoying, this Bond flick is one of the worst in the series... because of a terribly written Bond, stupid action scenes, and no inventiveness.
This was the worst bond movie I have ever seen. Bad sound effects, horrible comic relief characters and cheap laughs, it felt more like a Austin Powers Film than a James Bond, Predictable to the end, I called EVERY part of the movie. The only redeaming factor is the beautiful Tailand scenary, and I'd rather watch my bros home videos for that, they were produced better than this movie.
Meh. Christopher Lee. I'm no fan. The film is lacklustre and feels rushed...which it was. One of the lesser Bonds.
The Man With The Golden GunStarring: Roger Moore, Christopher Lee, Britt Eklund, Herve Villechaize, Maud Adams, and Clifton JamesDirector: Guy HamiltonWhen British agent James Bond (Moore) learns someone has hired the world's most expensive assassin to kill him, he decides to take the fight to the shadowy killer. However, he soon learns that Fransisco Scaramanga (Lee), his midget assistant and partner in murder (Villechaize) and Scaramanga's exotic girlfriend Andrea Anders (Adams) actually have their sights set on a target more lucrative than even Britain's top Code-00 agent."The Man With the Golden Gun" is a beautfilly shot film that takes full advantage of the exotic China Sea islands, and in which Christopher Lee gives one of his career's best performances as the megalomaniacal assassin with a game room that matches both his ego and occupation. It's also got a pair of very beautiful women on prominant display in the film (Adams and Eklund), and it's got a story that's closer to being real-world in nature than any Bond since "From Russia With Love" (with the exception of certain elements). It's also got another fabulous score by John Barry.However, the film is also strangely slow-moving and lethargic-feeling. I can't quite put my finger on why, but "Golden Gun" never seems to quite build up the steam that just about all the other James Bond films do. Even the awful Timothy Dalton entries had more fire in them. And with a great cast like this, and with the director that helmed "Live and Let Die", "Diamonds Are Forever" and the very best Bond movie so far "Goldfinger", this should have been a great entry in the movie.I suspect it might be a problem with the script. The sense of urgency and danger surrounding Bond's mission seems a bit downplayed throughout the film, not really manifesting itself until the last 45 minutes or so, where in other Bond movies with get interlocking mission arcs where each new one is more deadly and expansive than the one that went before. Whatever the flaw here--and I really can't quite put my finger on it--this is a decent entry in the series, and it's worth seeing if you enjoyed "From Russia With Love". I think this is probably the other Bond movie in the series to which this "Golden Gun" can most closely be compared.
My newly acquired 2007 James Bond calendar tells me that it's January 1st, and that means time for Bond. So Happy Bond New Year, everyone. Secret agent 007 James Bond (here, Roger Moore, in his second of seven unsuccessful attempts) is sent a golden bullet by the world's best hitman, the man with the golden gun, Scaramanga (Christopher Lee). A cat and mouse game ensues, with each man trying to hunt down and kill the other with an adequate amount of sport. And apparently no archnemesis is complete without a midget henchman, so that's the reason why Herve Villechaize ends up in the film as the completely annoying Nick Nack. Except for a brief stint in Beirut, the action stays fairly localized to Asia, taking Bond only around to Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand. Of the two Bond girls, the somewhat intelligent Andrea (Maud Adams) unfortunately gets in the way of one of those golden bullets, while the unbelievably ditzy Miss Goodnight (Britt Ekland) gets to run around in a bikini half the time she's onscreen. Whoever came up with that was a genius. I could ravage this film most violently, but it's not worth the effort. Christopher Lee is unarguably the best actor ever to portray a Bond villain, but his character is one of the worst. He's not trying to take over the world or eliminate Britain. He's not even after Bond, really. And the main upshot of the incredibly flimsy plot is that a prototypical solar power station gets destroyed. Yeah, go Bond, you just sabotaged renewable energy. Whoever decided to bring back J.W. Pepper for a second film was hopefully fired soon after. And they didn't miss a single chance for racist Asian jokes: Chew Mee...Hai Fat...Yikes. Overall, it's not the worst Bond film, but it's aiming for the bottom 20%. The plot is pointless, the characters are entirely wimpy, the action is too little, and the jokes and innuendo are too much.
(**): The action is good, Roger Moore is a decent Bond and Christopher Lee is a very fun villian. But, this film is beyond silly and that ruins the experience. Still, any Bond fan will of course watch this film but don't expect it to be one of the better ones.