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The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975

A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter...

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Imdb rating: 7.4 /10

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I Absolutely love this movie.. Tim curry is amazing in this. A timeless movie. It was made a year before I was born. No matter the year it will always be amazing. 10/10..
@James_Dean Richard O'Brien's voice can still make me shiver from the rough, gutsy rock n roll "Do you remember" to the high pitched haunting "The darkness" OMG! 2 very vocally talented men him and Tim.
@CaliGal Btw my fave song is.... of course... "Sweet Transvestite (From Transsexual Transylvania)"... That song number is all kinds of awesomeness and the great Tim Curry Rocks out the second he steps off the elevator lift! LOL! I think I'll go watch that part right now on Youtube! :) Have a good day your RHPS fellow fiends! ;)
@CaliGal Berkley must have been a gas! I used to go to the 2nd oldest running RHPS midnite showing up in Austin, Texas when I went to school up there in the late 80's and early 90's... I Think They started in Late 1977 about a month after the NYC group did. I haven't been up to Austin in awhile, but I'm pretty sure its still going. The RHPS I recently have been going to when I go up to visit my sister in Houston, TX is another showing/cast that goes back at least to around 1980 or so. I'm 47 and had been going since I was 18 in 1987, but this lady I met there trumped my sister and I. She had been going to the show since the late 70's about ten years before I even heard of it! She was awesome relating stories of the "early years" of how the call back lines were made. She was in her 60's and still going every weekend! I hope I'm still hitting up this great show on midnites in 20 years! :)
@James_Dean @SaintLunatic Love the soundtrack. They just celebrated the 30 year anniversary. The UC Berkley theatre midnight showing was the best! Everyone in costume, everyone brings props and everyone runs down front to timewarp. Been ages since I saw it there and own it on VHS but it's not the same. =(
@AliceFell Nice to know there are plenty of old school Time Warpers on this site. LOL Magenta's voice kinda reminds me of Salma Hayek. LOL :D
@oldshuntr Dammit Janet!
@SaintLunatic @James-Dean and all - what a kick! I am so glad you are re-enjoying this classic. I used to go to support my friend who loved to play parts. What craziness, what hilarity! Your comments made Halloween even better!
@oldshuntr Yeah, Sarandon is so prissy & cute and hard to believe that's Bostwick too. LOL. Those were really risqué roles back in the 70's especially, Curry's. Gotta love him! :D
This is one great movie.
It was a fun watch! I hadn't realized how long it has been since the last watch. GREAT picture here compared to the old VHS tape I have...
@nymerias @James_Dean @SaintLunatic Dammit Janet, it's hard to fathom Susan Sarandon was in her twenties in this one. Toss in a debut from Meat Loaf!

I guess the younger crowd just wouldn't get it since it is a zombie decade, but I swear I saw glances of Ash vs Evil Dead in some of this...
"Let's Do the Time Warp AGAIN!!" LOL It was fun to bring your props and participate in these Midnight showings back in the day. We would split up our list, I always brought the toast, toilet paper, and water-pistols. Tim Curry is Sexy Scary! LOL I wonder how much drugs everyone was smoking and popping when they birthed this funny, bizarro movie? Ha hahahahahaha "
@oldshuntr I've seen this film over 160 times in the cinema! LOL! Mostly from 1987-1990. I've seen it about 10 times when I go visit my sister in Houston, Texas. We always go to the late show and are considered "old timers" because we know all the call back lines! ;) I freakin' love this show so much!
@nymerias LOL I might just watch this again myself since it has been almost 40 years since I saw it the first time. Anyone who didn't go to the late night showings with live fans acting it out on stage along with the movie playing just don't have a clue as to how the cult theme got started. I still have the VHS tape!
Tis Halloween and time to do the time warp again! A true cult classic. Been watching each Halloween for over 30 years.
I dont know why people didn't liked this movie .. I really enjoyed this movie & tim curry wearing those heels WOW ! those are really pretty heels & So How did you walked in them ?! But yeah you know like lot of Musical stuff in this movie ... But come on Tim curry's expressions ! you know that scene " How about that " & That one too " Dont be upset .. it was a mercy killing " Wow it was a really good movie to me but if there was not too much music & dance stuff it would be 9/10 :3 Although it was a great movie 8.5/10 !
I thought it was gonna be disturbing but it was just disappointing. wouldn't watch it again.
Yes this movie is a cult movie. In a true sense. Unconventional, disturbing some time. But a ture classic cult movie worth watching.
Just watched this movie for the first time and I got to say it was defiantly weird I'm not a big fan of musicals but this movie was enjoyable also Susan Sarandon was pretty hot back then and Tim Curry wearing women's underwear and makeup was at first hard to look at but after a bit his character becomes more entertaining.
Having read through some of the comments on this movie, I have to ask...
The guy who said Charles Grey (He's okay!) was the only part of the movie that he liked... Is that someone trying to troll, or is that actually the epitome of what this movie is trying to stamp out? People who make immediate judgements based on things they obviously don't understand.