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The Rundown 2003

A tough aspiring chef is hired to bring home a mobster's son from the Amazon but becomes involved in the fight against an oppressive town operator and the search for a legendary treasure...

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Solar rating:8.7 /10


Imdb rating: 6.7 /10

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2016 and I still find this movie a bag full of laughter
This was hilarious and fun watch at the same time.
Cracks me up! Dwyane Johnson really pulls this one off. Had a great time and will be back to watch again.
If you haven't seen it - DO
If you've already seen this, and it's been awhile - ask a buddy to come over and watch it with you... laughter is so contagious. 9/10
For a minute there I could'a swore Walter White put on a bit of weight, bot himself a bean bag gun, and started working for loan sharks taking down people who owe money.
All time favorite. Forever.
epic scenes all over
great movie lol
Check your Oscar movie mentality at the door...And enjoy this movie what it is...A fast paced humor filled action movie...Grab some popcorn and enjoy...a soft 7/10...
Its a stretch to give this movie an 8, even in my self-imposed 'don't-rate-any-junky-less-than-7-movies', but it did some things that got my attention that a 7 movie wouldn't. The opening sequence is done really well. I just love watching one guy kicking a bunch of other guys' asses, and he was so nice and polite about it, trying to avoid hurting 'the team'. The supporting actors were all good or better. The Rock has talent and screen presence. Good effects. So its an 8. Its barely an 8 because the plot is mostly formula, there's no wild baboons in South America and Native South Americans don't have a unique indigenous highly developed martial arts style. So let's say its an 8-rated action movie because its fun to watch. You know the hero is indestructible and just like in 'WWF' will get up and dust himself off after being half-beaten to death or falling off a cliff. The DVD has some good stuff on it. The crew had fun making the movie and there was a lot of joking around in the featurettes rather than a bunch of self-congratulations. The Rock has a double that could be his twin. Audio and video are adequate without being exceptional. The DVD is a 7.5/10.
I've been meaning to review this for a while, but I kept forgetting so... yeah. Anyhoo, The Rundown is just a roller coaster ride of fun and excitement, nothing more. The Rock truley redeems himself in this movie as for he was horible in The Scorpion King and Sean Willaim Scott does his funniest performance since the first American Pie, but the best actor in this film is none other than, Chris Walken. He played the role of the villian very well.It's plot though is a little meh, but still, that doesn't stop this movie from being as fun as hell. Overall, if you can avoid lack of plot, The Rundown will be one helluva ride. This movie gets a 8/10.
:fresh: The Rundown was a brutal movie. But brutal can be good. I loved the Rock in this film. The plot wasn't the best but also the movie has a completley different beggining and end. In the begginging its a whole different style. Its a club brawl. At the end its a jungle setting. I loved this movie and should be enjoyed by all.
This is one of the Rock's best film yet. With Seann William Scott doing his comedy performance. With Christopher Walken as the Villian, and a short cameo by the Governator.Don't miss The Rock's next movie, Doom (2005). Also staring Karl Urban. Based on the hit video game. Coming to theater's in August 5th 2005.And Spy Hunter (2005) Also staring The Rock. Directed by John Woo. Based on the hit Video Game. Coming to theater's in September 2005.I Give The Rundown 10/10:fresh:
Just saw The Rundown with The Rock. I must admit that he and Sean William Scott make a good team. I liked the movie, thought it had a lot of good action to it. Not too long. So why the 5? Well, I just wasn't that impressed. Didn't hate it, just didn't really have any feeling toward it. Doesn't mean it was bad though. Funny moments. Maybe its the head cold I have. Whatever....
The Rundown (2003) - "Oh shit, what was that? Monkeys!" - Seann William Scott. The baton has been passed. In the opening scene of the film, the Rock, a "retrieval" expert, passes Arnold Schwarzenegger coming down the hall and out of the nightclub that contains Rock's target: a quarterback with a big gambling problem. As the Arnold passes the Rock, the former King of kick-ass movies nods and says, "Have fun." And so he does. And so did I. I'm not going to kid you. I didn't spend much time trying to benchmark this film to some of the really fine stuff I've seen lately. I was done with my review the second the fight started in the nightclub. I put down my pen, grabbed my pillow, and started hooting and hollering. And that's pretty much the way it was until the movie came to an end. What a ride!
;) I liked this film. If movies were pizza's this one would be a large five dollar cheese. No it's not going to be the best pizza you have ever had, but you don't expect it to be, but it is one great pizza for five dollars, perhaps one of the best five dollar pizza's you have ever had. If movies were pizza's then this one would be a wonderful wonderful five dollar pizza on a low budget day with a large bottle of pepsi. And everyone already knows I love pizza.-------------------------------------------nightbat----is getting hungry?----666 IN OTHER WORDS: action was surprisingly great, dialogue was occasionally funny and acting was very passable.
The Rundown (2003, Peter Berg) - The Rock stars in a buddy action flick (well, more like anti-buddy action flick) about a so called "expert retriever" (as in, someone who retrieves items for monetary exchange, in this case money to build a restaurant) who takes one last assignment to bring back the son of his boss. The plot is really negligible, but then again, so are the characters. The screenplay is ridiculously underdeveloped and undercooked, leaving so much to be desired. But The Rundown isn't, surprisingly enough, a completely worthless film. Credit must go entirely to The Rock (hey, it's more concise than calling him Dwayne Johnson) for making this film as entertaining as it is. The man is loaded with charisma, and even packs some impressive comedic timing. Honestly, I have enjoyed every movie The Rock has been in to one degree or another simply because he carries a film so extraordinarily well. Not to say he has been in any good movies yet (he unfortunately hasn't), but that doesn't stop him from being a formidably entertaining force. The Rundown isn't terrible or bad, just mediocre and disposable, but it's certainly fun thanks to The Rock and worth seeing if you're a big fan of his. Credit must also go to Christopher Walken, who is an unstoppably entertaining force. He's one of the coolest cats in the business, and he's always a delight to watch, even in the most riotously awful trash. Since this is an action movie, however, the success of it really does depend on the action, however endearing its stars may be. The Rundown has its share of fun set pieces, but the poor direction from Peter Berg often squanders plenty of potential. The fight scene that opens the film is poorly done, what with the flashing lights and flashy editing (I guess the idea here is to look cool, but if you're not even communicating the action effectively, it's really akin to shooting yourself in the foot). Berg also does a terrible job with wires. They might as well have been visible due to the way he films the action. There's some good fun when The Rock gets to just throw down, but when Berg tries to bring the flash, it ruins what could have been an excellent set piece. The editing, on the whole, is also rather quick, not letting many great moments set in (such as during the fight against the rebels, where so many angles are cut away from and to that the impact is just lost). So, no, The Rundown isn't very good. It could have been a lot better if it had a better director and a screenplay that wasn't so bare bones. It suffices for setting up the set pieces and providing worthwhile context, but couldn't they have sprinkled a little more in there? Does every Hollywood project really have to be so unambitious? It's tiring. They don't even spend any significant time on characterization, which I assumed was still important. Guess not. Anyways, there's still some fun scenes, some fun performances, decent action, and a great, charismatic turn from The Rock. It's not worth writing home about, but I was mildly amused.
Christopher Walken is the best part of this movie. Funnier than expected!
Where: DVD rentalGenres: Action/Adventure, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Jungle, Theatrical Release, Comedy (General)One line review: How does Christopher Walkin still get work?A friend of mine had recommended it, and I can recall way-back thinking that it might be an "ok" movie based on the trailers and reviews, but man was this ever a stinking piece of offal. It came out at a time when there wasn't any "action" movie competition and that's the only reason I can think of for the somewhat decent reviews.There are some funny comedic moments, and there definitely is the impression that this could have been a good movie, but it's a crap screenplay with a crap director, and where I think a different team might have been able to do something with these sub-average actors, they weren't able to make these guys rise above the crap they usually put out.Christopher Walkin seems to play the same crazy role he plays in almost every movie these days, nothing more than an animated corpse looking to pay the bills. I think I'm going to have to start blackballing movies he's in since everything he touches seems to turn into a piece of crap. TomatoMeter: 69% Top Critics: 63% People: 68% Average: 66%(Rotten Tomatoes) (IMDB)Cast:Star The Rock (Walking Tall - 27%, The Scorpion King - 38%)Star Seann William Scott (Bulletproof Monk - 20%, American Wedding - 56%, Evolution - 41%, Road Trip - 57%, American Pie - 60%)Star Christopher Walken (Scotland, PA - 58%, Catch Me If You Can - 96%, The Opportunists - 61%, Blast From the Past - 55%, Suicide Kings - 42%)Star Rosario Dawson (This Girl's Life - 43%, Josie and the Pussycats - 50%, Sidewalks of New York - 54%, Light It Up - 42%, Kids - 59%)Star Ewen Bremner (Julien Donkey-Boy - 29%, Trainspotting - 89%)Director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights - 81%, Very Bad Things - 35%)Screenwriter James Vanderbilt (Basic - 20%)Director of Photography Tobias Schliessler (Friday Night Lights - 81%)Composer Harry Gregson-Williams (Team America: World Police - 78%, Phone Booth - 72%, Enemy of the State - 69%, The Borrowers - 75%, The Whole Wide World - 77%)