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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 2004

SpongeBob SquarePants takes leave from the town of Bikini Bottom in order to track down King Neptune's stolen crown...

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Solar rating:8.4 /10


Imdb rating: 7 /10

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one of the best animated movies ever. definitely the best from nickelodeon
A great TV seris made into a great film saw this twice at the cinmea when it first came out I loved it than and still do.
Hilarious, I didn't expect much but got loads, Its one of my favourite animated movie. Brilliant.
Where a show adaptation into film ultimatly fails is trying to become what its not...a defining motion picture...SPongebob feels like a long episode of the show but it never feels dull it was done in proper form and its not just a kid's movie.
It's good for fans of the show and little kids.Even older movie goers will like it.
The movie is funny and very enjoyable. This film is fun for kids, teens, and adults. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie comes recommended.
once again i rarely would rate a "spongebob" film but during family movie night, i watched this film and i thought it had some pretty dumb jokes, but still i could see that it had a little jump from a kids film and overall this film had a little bit of everything.A great family film.
i loved it
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie seems to be moreover, transferring the animated series into a feature length film. Spongebob Squarepants relies more on making a larger plot, than adding the humour from the Cartoon Series. Nontheless, the Spongebob Squarepants Movie is entertaining and fairly humourous, that is if you enjoyed the cartoon.
Totaly awesome... not my favorite, but hey, its Spongebob, what are you gonna expect? Personally I expected a ton less from this movie but it turned out to be fantastic. The day I saw it with two friends and one of their dads, ALL of us laughed so hard that about half the theater left because we were so noisy. 'Nuff said.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SPONGEBOB and I think its the best animated show of all time but this movie was horrible. It turned Spongebob into a slapstick comedy that was very different to the original seasons of the show. The story was unoriginal and boring compared to some of the 11 minute episodes I just wish that they gave Spongebob a better movie!
Satisfying, and timelessly funny, The Spongebob Squarepants movie is a fun ride for people of all ages.
One of my favorite movies! LOVE IT! SPONGEBOBS SOO CUTE
It's a surprisingly good film. While after a few times of watching it, it will never be as funny as it was at first, it's a genuinly funny film with a good plot.
Really goofy but is fun for everyone but after this movie the show started to suck.
Spongebob Squarepants is a TV show about a sponge that has wacky adventures.The movie is a movie about a sponge that has an insanly wacky adventure to a king's crown back.Well Spongebob Squarepants has become a worldwide hit.Literally its considered to be one of the best TV show's ever made.Well our poster is a little unusal(not theatrical poster by the way).Its mediocore at best.The plot:As i stated above spongebob goes to get king Neptunes(Clever eh?)crown back.Also Mr.Krabs(Yes thats how you spell his name)opens a second Krusty Krab(Yes that is how you spell the resturants name)next door to the original Krusty Krab.And then Mr.Krabs gets frozen because he is frammed for stealing Neptunes crown.Also Spongebob had hopes of being the manager of the Krusty Krab2 but he did not and it instead goes to Squidward(Im not explaining every character,just check wikipedia).And the plot works incredebly good.The humor:The humor is mostly some sex jokes and humor that younger kids will laugh at,and its nothing like epic/disaster movie.And theres a scene of patrick flying with a flag in his butt that reads "GO SPONGEBOB!" and it fits in perfectly.......almost.For the most part the humor aims for young kids that like those dumb jokes that adults and teens might immature and idiotic(i find them stupid cause im 13 at the time of this review).Now as the movie progresses the humor gets less and slowly turns into more of an adventure movie.Though it differs from person to person.So overall the movie's humor is immature but still makes me laugh histeraclly(unlike the stupid ass films i mentioned above).The final verdict:Over all i love this movie is a goofy movie.But its an fantastic movie for fans of Spongebob and fans of childrens movies.It scores an 8/10.I highly reccomend it.Though i want to explain somthing.The series finale of Spongebob.As some of you know Spongebob was going through a small decline for a peroid of time.Well if you ask me Spongebob is not going anywhere for a while.Mabey it will end in around 5-15years.That is all.
I think this movie would be enjoyed by an audience 12 & under. Now don't get me wrong I loved the show but I'm very confused about this one. But while I'm looking back at it, it's just ok.
BAHAHAA...ok, uh....bshaaaahaha!!! ok ok (ack ack) this movie is...CHORTLE* BWAAAAHAHAHA!!! I ca-I can't review it...just see hahaha! see it...M-my recomendation? B-buy it hahaha!!! buy it now...Fo-four Thug Tug's o-out of five. HAHAHAHA!!..whoo...
What can I say? Its charming, funny, and just utterly goofy. Spongebob is a cartoon icon and the movie version is nothing shy of pure spongebob fun. Sure, its stupid and ridiculous sometimes, but its just simply fun for the entire family. The animation is a notch up from the show, and that was especially enjoyable. Overall, a successful movie version of the loved cartoon.
one of the funniest movies iv ever seen.