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The Thing 2011

At an Antarctica research site, the discovery of an alien craft leads to a confrontation between graduate student Kate Lloyd and scientist Dr. Sander Halvorson...

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Solar rating:7.7 /10


Imdb rating: 6.2 /10

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If you are old enough to have enjoyed John Carpenters awesome directing of The Thing ( 1982 ), you most likely will think this movie as a.. well not worth your time to say it nicely. I sure did.

The atmosphere wasn't there, the scary factor was very typical one or non existant. Nothing made me feel like this movie would be above mediocre or better yet, above the 1982 version.

The simple truth is, even with todays technology and special effects, director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr isn't anywhere near the level of John Carpenter despite 29 years difference in time when the movies were made.

This movie clearly shows a fact that if you fiddle with a masterpiece, you have to somehow produce better movie than the previous version and effects won't do it alone.

3/10, because they had budget for special effects but 0 creativity to do better than they did.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, can be a real Badass when it comes time, I like that in a woman... This is a really good movie... I gave it a 9/10 cuz they did a great job with THE THING, it was realistic enough if I saw it I'd have jumped back a few feet before unloading my gun into it... Not out of "FEAR" but the WTF is that moment...
I also liked how it fit with the other one with Kurt Russell, which is my fave of the three of them... Don't get me wrong, I loved the original just as much too...
I really liked it, of course, Kurt Russell was the best of the three versions, but still a good movie. 7/10
Very good! I can't believe I hadn't seen it. I think because when it was released, it was panned because of the introduction of the female scientist, it was ignored. You won't regret watching it. eXcellent "prequel" to the one with Kurt Russell, which was a remake of the same film from the '50's in which James Arness (Gunsmoke) played the original Thing monster.
This movie alone with the Kurt Russell one is MY faves. I mean both movies are very simplistic yet doesn't scream low budget. The original was very good as far as the FX and in a time, nowadays, when it's easier and/or probably better to use CG, the original STILL holds up and does the job, the effects still to this day look good, granted maybe not as palpable as some of todays more serious titles but they still (compared to Gravity or the like) but as I heard someone say, "You never get the same feeling from CG as compared to when something is actually there"... but of course, it's got to look good.
This one is still good in my book and does excite with all it's simplicity, I mean an alien that can hide itself in plain view, add the fact that (to take from the game that some played as a kid) if you stay outside the room you die, it's a very good plot device.
To tell the truth I would very much like to see more puppeteer/animatronics work in films, that would be interesting. Maybe it might not look that good compared to CG, but if Hollywood put just as much time and effort into animatronics as they do with CG I honestly think they would have an film effects tool that would (I wholeheartedly think) rival if not surpass the end result in films that CG does.
Good movie.
best one of the buck, super special effects. 9/10
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Great movie. Y e e u u u c k, the Thing was digusting, creepy, horrific. Just the way I like my evil alien mosmters. Scary!

Matched a lot up from the Kirt Russell movie, but changed some other stuff needlessly, strangly enough - didn't matter tho. The "identification" was clever. 8.5
Excellent. Watch The Thing 1982 right after this which continues where this leaves off. You'll recognize lots in it from this one. Nice touch. :-)
saw it in cinema on release, and it scared the sh!t out of me, literally. went out to the toilet and accidentaly went thru a oneway exit door and lost the last 15 minutes of the movie.. im a moron.
Cool. A welcomed prequel :)
not as good as the original made with a tenth of the budget but worth a few watches..7/10
Classic but i hate Aliens and Zombies movies and Monsters too 4/10
Very good movie. Better than the 1951 version but not quite as good as the 1982 version
The Original is one of my favourite horror films, creeped me out, and so did this one. This version is just as hide your eyes and peak through your fingers good. Sleeping with the light on tonight. 8/10
The original has always been in my Top Ten fav horror films since i was little so had to go see this in theaters and will say i was rather impressed i had already knew wouldn't be as good as the first but as i was glad to see did the original much justice 7.5/10
Magnificently done ending. How it effectively ties into the 80's film.
Great watch.
I never knew a prequel was made until tonight...The story in this movie was very close to a Playstation 2 game that was made in 2002(even though the game was made as a sequel)....I enjoyed this movie 6.8/10
Could've have been as good if not better than the original if they didn't use computer generated effects as a crutch. The original used puppets, stop motion, and all sorts of delightful craziness that made it absolutely TERRIFYING! Made me never want to go to antartica... because yeah that's a popular vacation spot.