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Underworld: Evolution 2006

Picking up directly from the previous film, vampire warrior Selene and the half werewolf Michael hunt for clues to reveal the history of their races and the war between them...

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Solar rating:8.8 /10


Imdb rating: 6.8 /10

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BAD A$$!!!
Really liked this sequel- It was action paced and followed the first consistently. Scott Speedman and Kate Beckingsale make a good combo- they are both sexy and badass, the love story is believable... all in all I would give it a 7.5-8 :-) But word of advice if you haven't watched the first do that, first! ;-)
I didn't catch the first one until it appeared on the pay movie channels. It grew on me after a couple of viewings and now I really like it. I expected this one to have the same effect on me. So I expect I will grow to like it even more.They seriously increased the sex and violence factor--though not at the same time. :) But it continued the story well and took it in directions I did not forsee. I always enjoy watching a movie that I haven't already figured out.If you like the genre or the first one, then this is definitely worth a look. If you aren't already a fan of either then you may want to pass.
The self righteous, over analyzing, no life having critics are wrong again. This moving was amazing. It was way better than the first. This movie gives you a background that makes sense, the character development is better, it has a good plot, and the action is awesome. If you cant wait till the summer for a summer quality movie, then should check this movie out.
Well, it wasn't what I'd hoped for and went the route of Chronicles of Riddick in which a clean and compact plot, despite what the idiot critics may have said aobut it, was blown up to grandiose proportions. UE did not get as ridiculous as CoR, but I was hoping it would take that path at all. Oh, well. I can't downgrade it too much for having a different agenda. So what was good and bad? BAD: -Lycan shortage. Very few. No reasons for the lack of females given either.-Micheal. As a hybrid, not much special about his looks. The reason is implied/given at the end, but still a little bit of a let down. As a character, Speedman does a very poor job of acting. I guess it's been a while since Felicity.-Gradiose plot is harder to grasp. They try to bite off the whole enchilada and leave us to ponder a good deal. I'll have to see this again to get the full gist. They also only anwered a few of the questions from the first film. Most of it is still clean, but not all. This is where the third movie could have gone, but I thought it was premature to have gone this far this fast.-The ending. Markus' battle is too short and too easy, William's battle is too short. The epilogue is a little silly as well, but when I think back it made more sense than it did at the time. I was just hoping for better closure.-Too short. They took on this bigger plot and spent less time. They also had more action sequences as well. This needed another fifteen minutes to do what it wanted.-Lucian is not actively in it at all.-Script was well below average for several parts. Some were written well, but some were very poor and well short in amount. The GOOD! -Kate. She looks absolutely delicious in all of the shots. Couldn't tell her husand was directing (jk). She does a better job as Selene and develops her character better, albeit the romance portion is still not delved into much. And the "sex" scene isn't bad either, just nothing great.-Kraven has a VERY small part. BIG kudos for saving us from Shane Brolly.-Cinematics. Some will dislike the flashbacks, but I loved them, since memories are rarely crystal clear. The set designs, I thought, were outstanding. Costumes where well done (sorry kids, still not like the Matrix).-Action plus. There is no shortage of action with the final battle as the sole exception. Fight scenes are good, however none matched the Raze fight scene from the first. The lycans coming off the top rope in the opening scene were great, however.-Vampires galore. If you like vampires, that's about all there is. A few lycans sprinkled in, but not many. Most of the plot is based through the vampire chain, so almost all the main charaters are.-Most of the acting was pretty good or better. Speedman disappointed and sometimes other characters seemed aloof. Markus was surprisingly well played. There is a scroll at the beginning. That is the point in which most critics took their brain out and stopped registering the rest of the movie. While I didn't like this as well as the first, it's still a fun watch and a decent movie. If you really like the bigger plot with a larger mythology to it, you'll like this even better. I just didn't think it melded the stories together as well as it should have.
Underworld was pretty cool. Alot bloddier than i thought it would be but it had some cool vampire ass kicking action. Plot wise it wasnt that great but it was still pretty cool. So i do recommend seeing it. There is a part that i was even embarrased by, but i didnt know about it. Well today i need to finish photo stuff, and get my film developed in my closet. Thats gonna be fun. Let me know if there are any plans tonight.
It was hard to decide between giving this film a 5 or 6. I ultimately chose 6 because after the film was over, i was satisfied. This film will only really appeal to people looking for non-stop action or big fans of the first Underworld film. Underworld Evolution is not as good as its predecessor. The first thirty minutes of the film are actually very dull. It's just loud non-stop action but theres no reason or plot behind it.It leaves the viewer a little puzzled but eventually the plot kicks in. The film really turns it self around after 30 minutes. The film redeems itself and ends up being a satisfying film. The plot ends up being decent and evokes interest in the viewer. Kate Beckinsale did a great job and if you were a fan of her in Underworld, you will love her in Underworld 2. Overall, Underworld Evolution is inferior to the first Underworld film but die-hard fans of the original will have a good time. Rating- 6/10
Underworld Evolution, the second installment to Underworld, is once again directed by Len Wiseman (lucky man) and stars his wife Kate Beckinsale as Selene and her hybrid boyfriend Michael (played by Scott Speedman). Evolution picks up right where the first left off. Selene and Michael are on the run, Vicktor and Amelia are dead, and the only surviving lord of the vampire coven has turned into an evil hybrid, who is now obsessed with freeing his brother, who is the first Lycan. I suggest you watch Underworld again just so you can refresh your memory of what happened. This is a fun movie. Plenty of action, with some cool shootouts and Selene kicking butt and taking names. If you're a fan of blood and gore, you definately get it. You arent left to wonder how the characters died. There were a couple of scenes that made everyone cringe. And if you are there to watch Kate Beckinsale, well believe me, you won't be disappointed. ; ) Now the improvements from the original. One thing I didn't really like about the original is that humans were hardly seen (except for the subway and hospital). In Evolution, we see humans much more and they play a larger role. We also get a feel for the setting and kind of where Underworld is taking place. Another thing I didnt like is how Selene's guns never seemed to need reloading. She would literally shoot about 50 bullets out of a 15 round clip. Not so here. She reloads plenty and actually runs out of ammo(oh no!). Also unlike the original, we actually see some daylight here (not good for Selene) and its cool to see Michael try to protect her from it. The action scenes are also better. Instead of mindless shooting at Lycans, there is actually some well set up gunfights and they play out nicely. While Evolution doesnt break any new ground in movie territory, it does improve on the original. Wiseman had a larger budget (you could tell) and the overall feel of the picture (acting, directing, cinametography, etc.) is all around better. Even though I can't say I liked it more than Underworld, it definately was just as good. Now I'm one of those people that liked the original more after I watched it again. If you didn't like the first one, still give Evolution a try. Since I'm an Underworld fan and Kate Beckinsale is just so fun to look at, I'm giving Underworld Evolution an 7/10.
...that lacks the surprise and excitement of the first movie.
I'm disgusted that the tomato rating for this movie is a pitiful 19%, did everyone else see the same move I did? Underworld: Evolution rocked!!! :fresh: I was glad to see Viktor and Markus back in the 13th Century along with Amelia so that I could get a better understanding as to why the Vampires and the Lycans hate each other. I enjoyed the special effects, the fight/shooting scenes, and for a moment, I didn't know if Selene and Michael were going to make it. Underworld Evolution is a great film for this genre's fanbase... anyone seeking more from this, a fantasy vampire/werewolf movie is digging too deep for nothing. 8/10 :fresh:
Do the 'Evolution'?Sure to please fans of the first.Rated R for pervasive strong violence and gore, some sexuality/nudity and language.Starring Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy and Derek Jacobi. Directed by Len Wiseman. Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes. In 2003, a film was released that had no money, a first time director and a so-so studio. The film however made big bucks at the box office and was a big hit. The film was called 'Underworld', a gothic representation of a war between lycan(Werewolves) and vampire. Even though the film was low on money, the creatures looked awesome and the fight sequences were insane. Which is why fans of 'Underworld' will absolutely love 'Underworld: Evolution'. Now, in 2006, three years later, 'Underworld' finally got a sequel. A good one at that. Before you watch 'Underworld: Evolution', make sure you watch 'Underworld' again, so you can refresh your brain on important concepts in the film. 'Underworld: Evolution' follows immediately after 'Underworld', Marcus is awakened and is out to kill Selene(Beckinsale) who is wanted for killing Viktor. Her only allie is Michael(Speedman) who is half vampire, half lycan. While they quest, they discover more of their personal histories, and the possibility of Marcus, awaking his brother, William, who is a werewolf, sleeping in a chamber. Michael holds the key to Marcus awakening his brother. The films plot gets bigger and bigger as the film progresses, showing glimpses of Selen's past, discovering more surprises. The surprises are not shocking to the audience, more predictable than shocking. What really hurt this film was the script. Screenwriter Danny McBride only allows Selene to have the best lines. Scott Speedman, who plays Michael, was so bad portraying this character. Scott was giving me an impression that he was just stumbling through the film, or not taking it seriously. Well, it all truly is not his fault, his lines were pretty horrible as well. The only some what good performance was from Kate Beckinsale, playing a lost vampire-woman with a dark past. What really surprised me about this film was how freaking violent it was. Not complaining, but I think that it was a good thing for a film like this. The violence was so over-the-top that I was actually biting my tongue, trying not to laugh at all the gore. Heads being literally ripped off, arms and legs being bit off, brains flying everywhere and the list only gets longer and longer. What really makes me recommend 'Underworld: Evolution' is just how damn entertaining the movie was. It is a entertaining, popcorn flick, in your face action/violence movie and nothing more.
DAMN IT WAS GOOD! KATE IS SO DAMN VAMPALICIOUS Too bad they kinda blew the ending. Killing William, why? Having William on the lamb-creating werewolfs everywhere he goes would hade made for a kickass sequel. aw-well?... GREAT MOVIE
Kate Beckinsale (Van Helsing, Pearl Harbor) slips back into fetish gear for Underworld: Evolution, the sequel to 2003's Matrix-inspired horror/action hit, Underworld. Filmed in Eastern Europe for a modest $22 million (U.S.), Underworld grossed $52 million domestically (but doubled that amount in DVD sales). In Underworld, Selene (Beckinsale), a vampire warrior or "death dealer, hunted and exterminated werewolves as part of a centuries-old feud between vampires and werewolves ('lycans' in the parlance of the film). The leader of the vampires, Kraven (Shane Brolly), proved to be duplicitous (in case his name wasn't a clue as to his intentions). Both Kraven and Lucian (Michael Sheen), the leader of the werewolves, pursued Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), a human who held the key to reuniting the vampire and lycan bloodlines. Concerned about Kraven's plans, Selene reawakened Victor (Bill Nighy), an ancient vampire and leader, from hibernation.Underworld: Evolution opens with an action-oriented prologue set in 1202 A.D., as Victor and Markus (Tony Curran) hunt Markus' brother, William, the first (and most powerful) werewolf, incapable of reverting back to human form. Markus, it turns out, was the first vampire and, therefore, the most powerful, even more powerful than Victor, whom he made a vampire. A bat and a wolf bit Markus and William, twin sons of the immortal Alexander Corvinus,, respectively. Prologue completed, Underworld: Evolution begins more or less where Underworld left off, with Selene and Michael on the run from Kraven and his men, Victor dead by Selene's hand, and Marcus reawakened from his sleep. Marcus, however, is far from a benevolent ruler. Freed from Victor's rule, Markus (the closest any vampire gets to a winged bat), hunts down Selene and Michael, eager to uncover information about his missing brother, William. In Terminator mode, Markus proves to be more than Selene and Michael can handle. In the first of several set pieces, Markus confronts Selene and Michael in a forest, then on a moving truck. Markus, it seems, is after both information and a key. Meanwhile, a well-financed, well-armed group of commandos unassociated with either the vampires or the werewolves (and led by a mysterious figure played by Derek Jacobi) are also in pursuit of Selene, Michael, and Markus. Selene and Michael's quest leads them to a vampire-in-exile, Tanis (Steven Mackintosh). Tanis lives comfortably in an abandoned monastery. Tanis, of course, fills in the historical details, including what Markus wants and how he plans on obtaining it. It's one among several interludes heavy on exposition and light on action (something Underworld: Evolution shares with its predecessor). Of course, the dialogue-heavy exposition gives way to multiple action scenes, on set on a dock and merchant ship, and, finally, in and under the ruins of an abandoned castle (that closely tracks Underworld's final action scene in a sewer system). As an action/horror flick, Underworld: Evolution delivers what horror fans and casual fans of the first film have come to expect, gratuitous gore, violence, and the occasional dollop of nudity (alas, the equally gratuitous nudity is left for secondary characters of minimal importance). The gore and violence is a mix of makeup and digital effects, ranging from dismemberment to (partial) decapitation. There are two other memorable death scenes, but they're best left for viewers to discover for themselves. Markus, in particular, uses his wings and talons to bone-crunching effect. It says something, though, about the current state of the horror genre that fans will applaud any modestly budgeted, "R"-rated flick. Of course, viewers who prefer "PG-13"-rated horror flicks will find much to object to here. They, of course, have plenty of other horror films to choose from at their local video chain. The actions scenes, while competently directed (with the exception of the prologue, which emphasizes quick cuts over coherence, plus an overuse of CGI werewolves that are nothing short of laughable), still feature Selene using her hands, fists, feet, swords, and most importantly, guns to dispatch her foes. Well, actually, she doesn't quite dispatch her foes as much as temporarily injure them, causing blood to splatter everywhere. It's not exactly an effective method for eliminating her opponents, and it quickly becomes tiresome. Michael Corvin transforms into a blue-skinned half-vampire/half-lycan hybrid. Michael's transformation also seems to involve him going shirtless. It's unnecessary, since his physical size never changes (as it does for the lycans or Markus). Presumably, Michael's shirtlessness has more to do with the target demographic than the demands of the storyline. Post-fight scene, Michael is generally forced to scrounge around for a shirt or jacket (it makes for a humorous running joke, all in all). Moving on, Underworld: Evolution certainly has its shares of storytelling problems, primarily in the continuing use of undigested, dialogue-heavy exposition (for viewers unfamiliar with the first film or those who have simply forgotten Underworld's convoluted storyline), the director, Len Wiseman and his screenwriter, Danny McBride, insert multiple, sepia-toned flashbacks to get the audience up to speed. In general, the flashbacks cause more confusion than understanding. Wiseman and McBride take a kitchen-sink approach to storytelling: regardless of how relevant information might be to the unfolding storyline, they'll throw it in anyway. A great deal of exposition proves to be of minimal or no value (and viewers caught in trying to follow it all will find themselves increasingly frustrated or bored with the proceedings).Ultimately, Underworld: Evolution will appeal primarily to horror fans interested in the rare "R"-rated horror flick produced by a major studio, fans of the first film or of Kate Beckinsale in black latex and leather (you know who you are), and casual, less discriminating action fans. Other viewers are more likely to be disappointed by the barely comprehensible storyline (assuming they don't object to the admittedly thin premise), and, of course, the indiscriminate, excessive gore and violence.
I enjoyed it more than the first one, although my friends didn't seem too impressed. It didn't seem like a sequel, but a continuance of the first. There was enough new and interesting mythology to create another entire movie. Not to mention some excellent graphic violence.
Underworld: Evolution is definately a sequel that is a must-see if you enjoyed the first one. I really enjoyed this one from start to finish. Kate Beckinsale & Scott Speedman do a great job reprising their roles. The chemistry between them is as good as it was in the first. The action here is pretty sweet & the movie seems a little more violent this time around. So, if you loved Underworld, then I truly recommend Underworld: Evolution. PEACE OUT!!!
Please, do yourself a favor and wait for this one to come out on DVD! There was just enough story to fill in the 5 or so minutes of the movie that was not filled with un-imaginative and gory violence. And, there weren't even any really cool fight or action scenes that make up for the fact that the movie has no plot. The movie was made incredibly long with unneccesary flash backs. And, the sex scenes made me feeling that this movie's rating is highly inaccurate (A note to those parents who choose to allow their children to see R rated movies). In short, it was a typical Hollywood sequel to a popular movie. Poor directing, poor cinematography, no time wasted on hiring writers, and reduced production costs by reusing most of the footage from the first movie. The only good thing about it was that the actors did just as good of a job as they had done in the first movie.All-in-all, it was a waste of time and money. In fact, we've already told our friends (who we asked to go see the movie with us) that we'll treat them to whatever movie they want next weekend... IT WAS THAT BAD!
Underworld:Evolution:Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman star in the continuation of the Underworld story. However when I say continuation it is more like the climax of the origional film. It introduces Marcus the father of Vampires and his father which was a form of immortal but not a Vampire or Lycan. Which the father is disapointing because you don't get to know enough about him. Without any further delay in my ramblings I will continue. Kate Beckinsale stars as Saleene a former Death Deeler (vampire that hunted and killed lycans/werewolfs) and co-stars Scott Speedman as Micheal Corvin the inbreed. The two take off almost were the last film left them. On the run. The difference being that they are running from a mutated version of Marcus which is discouvered to be the head-head vampire. You know re-organizing vamperic structures is important even if they are 1,000 years old. Most of the action resides in a combination between the three characters Saleene, Micheal, and Marcus. However you get a nice selection of short lived witty characters that could make or break the movie for you very easy. Which the majority of the time you learn that Marcus wants to be reunited with his brother William. Which I will stop there and not say anymore about William, you must watch the movie to know more. But if you haven't seen the first film DO NOT WATCH THIS ONE YET. The rehashing of old memories hasn't left this series yet. They still like flash backs and they all pertain to the film. However the question lies in the future but the awnser is in the past is an old scheme mechanic for featured films like this which lost some of it's gun action value from the first film. The film calls for the Evolution title and the movie feels more like a Revolution. It is a topple of a structure of a 1,000 years. However the chances of a third film is unlikely. I don't see enough features that could help the continuation of the film. Even with all the rehashing in the film I got to enjoy some forward progress. Unfortunitely I was not personally satisfied with the ending process and some CGI work on Marcus. This lowered the films enjoyment value for me. However all I got to say for the guys is "Shipping Trailer!" If you see this film you should understand. Advice: If your not a fan of the first film, don't see it. If you were a fan of the first film see it. It is that simple. For all those in between people that just thought the first one was ok, you prolly won't like this one. However I know you will see it anyways. It is the desire to know that drives you.
I watched a handful of movies this weekend. One of which I was highly anticipating and it SUCKED. I hate it when that happens. I rented Crash, a movie that I have been meaning to see for awhile. With the exception of a the locksmith and his daughter (they made me cry like a baby), every other character was unlikable and made me very angry. I love Terrence Howard as an actor. I have seen almost all of the movies he put out in '05 (Hustle & Flow, Four Brothers, Crash and Lackawanna Blues--but I cannot bring myself to watch Get Rich or Die Tryin') and he is the big revelation at the moment. He has been in a lot of movies, but this year, he broke out and through. I absoultely wanted to beat the crap out of Matt Dillon. This is not easy for me to say, because I really like him (I have since I was a kid--"Do it for Johnny!"), but his character was such a prick and a**hole that I wanted to reach through the screen and stangle him. Ditto for Sandra Bullock who in this movie was a prize b**ch. The movie makes me sad because as a country, we have a long way to go. I hated the fact that the theme of the movie rang so true, but I suppose that this is why it is important for everyone to see. I think everyone should see Crash. Into the Blue, however, was supposed to be big, cheesy fun. But it was boring! I couldn't even sufficently make fun of it as I had anticipated! Jessica Alba didn't do a bad job with what she was given, but she really wasn't in the movie that much, though she did deliver the best line ("Shut up you crack whore"--or something like that). I think that a sock puppet would be better than Paul Walker in most movies. Imagine that for a second..."In the role of Paul Walker, a sock puppet!" A sock puppet driving a car in the Fast and the Furious movies, A sock puppet scuba diving in Into the Blue, a sock puppet controlling the dog sled in 8 Below. Haha. That would be great. Finally, I was stoked to go see Underworld Evolution. I loved the first film, I can quote it. If you are going to build your own mythology it is imparative not to make like George Lucas in the second film and completely compromise and decimate your own mythology. I hated all the gore and the storyline involving Markus (the last living vampire elder) and his brother William (the first Lycan). It was confusing. If the elders "Leapfrog through time" like Viktor (the wonderful Bill Nighy) said in the first movie ("One awake, two asleep"), then why did Markus not act sooner than when the movie takes place? He ruled every three hundred years as Viktor and Amelia slept. If he knew that Selene was a key and that his brother was entombed alive somewhere and had been since the 16th century---agggh, I was confused. The last movie had freaky techno/industrial music as its soundtrack, yet this one only had two songs appear in the movie. It just didn't feel right. Also, the feel of the first film was awesome. The vampires were aristocratic, enterprising, wealthy, decadent while the Lycans lived underground in a very dank area. There was none of that in this film--there was only confusion, gore and unoriginality. The movie made me very sad :( . I will be back later.Court
Great sequel. Continuation of an excellent storyline
:down: :down: As for the original it was left so a sequal could follow, evolution was the sequal but a sad attempt at one. It goes to show that January is for left over let downs.