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Underworld: Evolution 2006

Picking up directly from the previous film, vampire warrior Selene and the half werewolf Michael hunt for clues to reveal the history of their races and the war between them...

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Really liked this sequel- It was action paced and followed the first consistently. Scott Speedman and Kate Beckingsale make a good combo- they are both sexy and badass, the love story is believable... all in all I would give it a 7.5-8 :-) But word of advice if you haven't watched the first do that, first! ;-)

"Can you figure out what the hell is going on?"

"Who did what in the where now?" That Homer Simpson quote was going through my mind during the first half of Underworld: Evolution. I really should have rewatched Underworld before seeing it's sequel. Even though there is a lengthy opening crawl and narrarator recapping the story, not very much of it reminded me of what happened in the last film. I decided to just figure it out the best I could.

Underworld was not, however, anywhere near as disorienting as Uwe Boll's recent shitstorm, BloodRayne. Eventually I was able to pick up on the story halfway through the movie. Whereas Boll kept the plot of BloodRayne a closely guarded secret. I think I eventually figured it out.

Of course I remember Selene, Kate Beckinsale's character. But then there's her love interest, that werewolf-vampire. Or is it vampire-werewolf? Whatever. Anyway, he doesn't seem to be all that important. The real story is actually focused on the politics of these two underground societies. Also, we find out where these two races originated. Then there was this vampire who I thought was a werewolf in the last movie. SOme people said something about twins. But they kept calling this super-werewolf, William, the guy's brother. And straight out of Highlander, there's this imortal guy. He's got a sword but he didn't use it much. This immortal's got this loyal cadre of soldier dudes who I eventually realised at end of the movie were just humans. I thought they were commando vampires! They had really cool computer equipment and paramilitary spies who keep track of this war that has been raging for centuries. Tons of action. A. Whole. Lot. Of. Action. Beckinsale looks really cool and that outfit. And out of it.

There was one scene in the movie that reminded me of Meat Loaf Aday's performance in BloodRayne. The circumstances for the encounters are the same. As well as the orgy with naked vampire chicks. But this was much cooler.

The production was very good. The movie is visually stunning. The action is edited very well. However, the story tends to take a back seat to the action. Lots of guns. Bang bang. Hot chick with gun. And vampires and werewolves. And explosions! And stuff happening in slow motion.

At the end of the movie, we are led to believe that the story is not over and that there will certainly be another sequel. Okeydokey!

If you loved the first movie, you will not be disappointed. I can't say that it's a "bad movie." It's no more than a 6 or less than 5 out of 10. I guess I'd give it a fresh rating because I wasn't bothered by the movie's shortcoming. I don't think it was better than the first one. But not worse. I think they are consistent. And why shouldn't that be important? And if the third one is like this one, then we'll have a tight little trilogy.

Did I mention that Kate Beckinsale gets naked?

6/10 :fresh:
If oyu are a fan of the first film this is a nice addition to the mythology of the Underworld landscape. If you are not a fan or have not seen the first you will be utterly confused. I really enjoyed revisiting Underworld.
I was absolutely prepared to go into the theater tonight shtfaced and watch a crappy movie for the laughs of watching a crappy movie. But I was pleasantly surprised...there was some decent acting, GREAT action scenes and badass moments, and a plot that actually held together as well as tie-in loose ends from the first movie. The movie's probably not for everyone, but it's quite fun all the same.
First, a warning of where I'm coming from. I liked "Underworld," that's right I liked it. I bought the extended director's cut and I've watched it multiple times. I like movies about vampires (and the fact that the main vamp is played by the delicious Kate Beckinsale in--and out of--skin tight leather doesn't hurt). I know, I know, with "Buffy," "Angel," and multiple other vampire themed movies, books, etc., there is little left to explore of these children of the night, but I find the different variations on the theme fun to explore. I never read the Anne Rice books because I was never interested in romanticizing them. I prefer them as bad-guys, but they also fit comfortably into my favorite class of protagonist--the anti-hero. So now you know.

For background on the this sequel, I will be brief. In the first "Underworld," Selene (Beckinsale) is a vampire warrior known as a "Death-Dealer." She and her bretheren hunt down the remaning Lycans (as in lycanthropes--werewolves) from a war that was supposed to be over centuries before. In any event, in a Romeo-and-Juliet sort of story, she falls for a young Lycan named Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) who also happens to be the last human descendat of the first immortal from whom sprang the vampire and lycan races. The lycans, specifically their leader Lucian, are trying to create a vampire/lycan hybrid that is considered abomination by the leadership of the vampires. Michael becomes the first such hybrid and subsequently must battle the vampire Elder, Viktor (Bill Nighy), for his very survival. Selene finds out in the course of all this that while she thought that Viktor had saved her from her family's massacre at the hands of some lycans, he had been the true killer. To protect Michael, she is forced to kill her adopted father. We are left with something of a lead in to a sequel and the sight of the final vampire elder, Marcus awakening after accidently ingesting lycan blood, which brings us to..."Underworld: Evolution."

Let me first say that I was worried about this movie. I thought the first was an enjoyable fantasy-action film that left a few questions hanging with obvious hopes for a sequel. Unfortunately, it is a common problem that when semi-decent movies such as "Underworld" manage to warrant a sequel, the director goes off the deep end looking to make it bigger and better; they usually end up with a bloated, effects-heavy piece of garbage that sinks any further chance for a follow-up. They also usually try to be overly clever in coming up with backstory to explain the unanswered questions of the first film. Len Wiseman avoids this trap.

I will not spoil the story except to say that "Evolution" takes place almost immediately after the end of the first film. "Evolution" remains consistent with the myths and background of the original while expanding and enriching said background with a deeper story that connects the dots. There is of course the obligatory gun-battles and martial arts displays, but it also ties up what might have been considered dead-ends and inconsistencies in the first film. In short, it does exactly what a good sequel is supposed to do: it ties up loose ends while laying down one or two more so as to entice you into wanting another installment.

As in the last one, the actual location of the movie is indeterminate: I would guess from the architecture and the almost non-stop gray weather that it is somewhere in Eastern Europe. The look is the same as well--almost always dark and dreary, the colors (what colors there are beyond black) look like a vampire sank his teeth into the film and sucked them dry. Everything is dark and drained. Wiseman makes good use of the special effects without trying to do too much--most of it consists of the different characters' transformations between their human and beast forms.

The character development is deeper than the first and the viewer can more easily accept the apparent love between Selene and Michael, as opposed to the first movie where they seemed to spontaneously kiss for no real reason. In any event, I'm man enough to admit that I enjoy a sprinkling of romance in my action movies. Every character has his or her place and role to play and they all play them well with dark brooding looks and cryptic dialogue that fit perfectly into the overall melodrama of the movie.

"Evolution" is tightly paced at about an hour and forty-five minutes and it fits perfectly. In all honesty, it felt longer, and not in a bad way--I mean in the way that it kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time and extremely sorry to see the credits roll. As with the first film, Selene delivers a monologue that is a lead-in to what will hopefully be a third movie.

In short, I liked this movie, a lot. I will definitely buy it on DVD and will probably even go blow another six bucks to see it in theaters again. To anyone who enjoyed "Underworld," you have to go see this; if you thought "Underworld" could have been better, you should go see this--it will restore your faith in the first movie. If, however, you were one of those people who panned "Underworld" and, as I saw one reviewer put it, think of this as nothing more than the continuation of a "multimillion-dollar love letter to Beckinsale" from her husband, Wiseman, I have two things to say to you:
1) If Kate Beckinsale was your wife, tell me you wouldn't do the same;
2) Bite my ass; if you hated the first film so much and will probaly hate this one, I would like to thank you for the minutes of your life you just gave me by reading this review.

the story takes place where it left off, after death dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman) search off to find Markus, only to discover he has awaken, and he is out to kill. it is up to Selene to stop him from unleashing the most uncontrollable Lycan...his brother.

Underworld: Evolution delivers. it puts more of the story into place and fills all the gaps left from the first movie, such as how the war started, and then goes back to the future and introduces new characters, such as Alexander Corvinus and Markus. i will not deny this movie is way better than the first, but it is also bloodier than the first. this isn't any kindergarden type bloody, but decapitation type bloody.

not a family movie, but the fans of the original will definitely love the sequel even more.

Cool sequel to an equally cool movie.


Okay I loooooooooved the first movie, but then again vampires=fantastic. This one was a lot gorier, a lot more violent, with a lot more nudity and far less decent story. Don't get me wrong I still liked the ride, it was definately a step up from the special effects of the first one, but you can only splatter and empty a gun into something so many times. Storywise it kept you interested even though a lot of the focus was on whose blood you needed to drink. I wanted them to spend just a little more time on Michaels new found powers (since they start right where the first one led off). They did a good job of filling the gaps of her past and glueing the whole underworld saga together. Definately one for genre fans and followers alike. Beware it's gorier than a Freddy Kruger movie.
Underworld Evolution follows the tale of the original Underworld which placed werewolf Lycans against the aristocratic Vampires. Kate Beckinsale plays Selene, a Death Dealer, and one of the best soldiers to fight for the vampires. In the original she was mixed into a ring of treachery only to find that the man she most idolized and worshipped had been the slayer of her real parents. Taking to revenge, she slew the treacherous Victor and becomes the target of not only the werewolf mobs but her own people as well.

Underworld Evolution is a dark, dark movie. Flashbacks are made to the 12th century to show the origins of the conflict but it stays relatively dark throughout, even when they were in the present. The story unfolds beautifully as we realize that the vampires and werewolves share a common ancestry and Markus the true Patriarch of the Vampire horde is unleashed. Kate is super sexy in this tale but I noticed she was not the main focus as in the original. Viewers get to see and like a bit more of Michael the hybrid wolf-vampire from the original and he almost steals the show with his stellar fighting scenes. Selene is given a more tender casing than before, showing alot of emotion and... a bit of skin... a rather sexy mid-section (but thats another story all together).

In conclusion I can say I went there as usual not to compare it to it's original, nor to judge it based on what I heard, but to see an action movie. I was treated to very good special effects, fighting from beginning to end (including three decapitations), I got to see the third female elder Vamp actually fight AND it was neither too long or short. This movie rocked, and I will be seeing it again. If you didn't like the original Underworld, do yourself a favor and keep your opinions to yourself and don't bother seeing this one. If you liked the first one, this will blow you away. I hope they do a third. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

Plot 9
Direction 7
Acting 8
Cinematography 8
Replay Value 6
Musical Score 7
Originality or Relevance 7
Characters 8
Make-Up or CG 8
Dialogue 4
Total Score = 7.2 :fresh:
I enjoyed the first film but didn't expect much from the sequel. Even my lowered expectations didn't prepare me for how much of a cliched mess this one would be. The acting was mediocre, but it was the script and story that really made this a horrible film. There were seeds of good ideas in there, but those ideas were scattered and squandered.

Simply, none of the characters were worth caring about. The storyline was ripped from the pages of some of the worst unimaginative fantasy and comic-book fiction. The whole trip was an insult to anyone who dared enjoy the first film.

What I did like about the film were the creature designs, makeup and animation.

This would have made a much better videogame than movie.
Saw Underworld Evolution in a snowstorm tonight.
Fun violent monstery melodramatic piece of tasty Movie brain candy.
Yea Vampire/Werewolf films!
Yea horror movies that take themselves seriously on their own turf at least.
Yea for shooting various critter a zillion times, cause they are, after all, Undead!
I didn't catch the first one until it appeared on the pay movie channels. It grew on me after a couple of viewings and now I really like it. I expected this one to have the same effect on me. So I expect I will grow to like it even more.

They seriously increased the sex and violence factor--though not at the same time. :) But it continued the story well and took it in directions I did not forsee. I always enjoy watching a movie that I haven't already figured out.

If you like the genre or the first one, then this is definitely worth a look. If you aren't already a fan of either then you may want to pass.
The self righteous, over analyzing, no life having critics are wrong again. This moving was amazing. It was way better than the first. This movie gives you a background that makes sense, the character development is better, it has a good plot, and the action is awesome. If you cant wait till the summer for a summer quality movie, then should check this movie out.
Well, it wasn't what I'd hoped for and went the route of Chronicles of Riddick in which a clean and compact plot, despite what the idiot critics may have said aobut it, was blown up to grandiose proportions. UE did not get as ridiculous as CoR, but I was hoping it would take that path at all. Oh, well. I can't downgrade it too much for having a different agenda. So what was good and bad?

-Lycan shortage. Very few. No reasons for the lack of females given either.
-Micheal. As a hybrid, not much special about his looks. The reason is implied/given at the end, but still a little bit of a let down. As a character, Speedman does a very poor job of acting. I guess it's been a while since Felicity.
-Gradiose plot is harder to grasp. They try to bite off the whole enchilada and leave us to ponder a good deal. I'll have to see this again to get the full gist. They also only anwered a few of the questions from the first film. Most of it is still clean, but not all. This is where the third movie could have gone, but I thought it was premature to have gone this far this fast.
-The ending. Markus' battle is too short and too easy, William's battle is too short. The epilogue is a little silly as well, but when I think back it made more sense than it did at the time. I was just hoping for better closure.
-Too short. They took on this bigger plot and spent less time. They also had more action sequences as well. This needed another fifteen minutes to do what it wanted.
-Lucian is not actively in it at all.
-Script was well below average for several parts. Some were written well, but some were very poor and well short in amount.


-Kate. She looks absolutely delicious in all of the shots. Couldn't tell her husand was directing (jk). She does a better job as Selene and develops her character better, albeit the romance portion is still not delved into much. And the "sex" scene isn't bad either, just nothing great.
-Kraven has a VERY small part. BIG kudos for saving us from Shane Brolly.
-Cinematics. Some will dislike the flashbacks, but I loved them, since memories are rarely crystal clear. The set designs, I thought, were outstanding. Costumes where well done (sorry kids, still not like the Matrix).
-Action plus. There is no shortage of action with the final battle as the sole exception. Fight scenes are good, however none matched the Raze fight scene from the first. The lycans coming off the top rope in the opening scene were great, however.
-Vampires galore. If you like vampires, that's about all there is. A few lycans sprinkled in, but not many. Most of the plot is based through the vampire chain, so almost all the main charaters are.
-Most of the acting was pretty good or better. Speedman disappointed and sometimes other characters seemed aloof. Markus was surprisingly well played.

There is a scroll at the beginning. That is the point in which most critics took their brain out and stopped registering the rest of the movie. While I didn't like this as well as the first, it's still a fun watch and a decent movie. If you really like the bigger plot with a larger mythology to it, you'll like this even better. I just didn't think it melded the stories together as well as it should have.
Underworld was pretty cool. Alot bloddier than i thought it would be but it had some cool vampire ass kicking action. Plot wise it wasnt that great but it was still pretty cool. So i do recommend seeing it. There is a part that i was even embarrased by, but i didnt know about it. Well today i need to finish photo stuff, and get my film developed in my closet. Thats gonna be fun. Let me know if there are any plans tonight.
It was hard to decide between giving this film a 5 or 6. I ultimately chose 6 because after the film was over, i was satisfied. This film will only really appeal to people looking for non-stop action or big fans of the first Underworld film. Underworld Evolution is not as good as its predecessor. The first thirty minutes of the film are actually very dull. It's just loud non-stop action but theres no reason or plot behind it.It leaves the viewer a little puzzled but eventually the plot kicks in. The film really turns it self around after 30 minutes. The film redeems itself and ends up being a satisfying film. The plot ends up being decent and evokes interest in the viewer. Kate Beckinsale did a great job and if you were a fan of her in Underworld, you will love her in Underworld 2. Overall, Underworld Evolution is inferior to the first Underworld film but die-hard fans of the original will have a good time.

Rating- 6/10

Underworld Evolution, the second installment to Underworld, is once again directed by Len Wiseman (lucky man) and stars his wife Kate Beckinsale as Selene and her hybrid boyfriend Michael (played by Scott Speedman).

Evolution picks up right where the first left off. Selene and Michael are on the run, Vicktor and Amelia are dead, and the only surviving lord of the vampire coven has turned into an evil hybrid, who is now obsessed with freeing his brother, who is the first Lycan. I suggest you watch Underworld again just so you can refresh your memory of what happened.

This is a fun movie. Plenty of action, with some cool shootouts and Selene kicking butt and taking names. If you're a fan of blood and gore, you definately get it. You arent left to wonder how the characters died. There were a couple of scenes that made everyone cringe. And if you are there to watch Kate Beckinsale, well believe me, you won't be disappointed. ; )

Now the improvements from the original. One thing I didn't really like about the original is that humans were hardly seen (except for the subway and hospital). In Evolution, we see humans much more and they play a larger role. We also get a feel for the setting and kind of where Underworld is taking place. Another thing I didnt like is how Selene's guns never seemed to need reloading. She would literally shoot about 50 bullets out of a 15 round clip. Not so here. She reloads plenty and actually runs out of ammo(oh no!). Also unlike the original, we actually see some daylight here (not good for Selene) and its cool to see Michael try to protect her from it. The action scenes are also better. Instead of mindless shooting at Lycans, there is actually some well set up gunfights and they play out nicely.

While Evolution doesnt break any new ground in movie territory, it does improve on the original. Wiseman had a larger budget (you could tell) and the overall feel of the picture (acting, directing, cinametography, etc.) is all around better. Even though I can't say I liked it more than Underworld, it definately was just as good. Now I'm one of those people that liked the original more after I watched it again. If you didn't like the first one, still give Evolution a try. Since I'm an Underworld fan and Kate Beckinsale is just so fun to look at, I'm giving Underworld Evolution an 7/10.
...that lacks the surprise and excitement of the first movie.

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