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Unknown 2006

Five men wake up in a locked-down warehouse with no memory of who they are. They are forced to figure out who is good and who is bad to stay alive...

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Imdb rating: 6.5 /10

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Bienvenidos al 2007! :D Pasen y vean que tenemos d
5.5/10... Full review coming soon.
Unknown (2006) Since I first saw the trailer for this movie back in November (by then it was already out of theaters) I had wanted to see this. It was only in limited release and not in theaters more than a week or two. It just looked really interesting and for a low budget flick, it had a pretty solid cast. A lot of people compare this as a mix between Mindhunters and Saw. I can see the comparisons but this movie is very different. I thought it was a pretty good movie that didn't exceed my expectations but didn't disappoint either.
Well acted and easy to watch . Worth the hour and 25 minutes
fun to watch but stupid
will write soon
Directed by Simon BrandStarring James Caviezel, Greg Kinnear, Bridget Moynahan, Joe Pantoliano, Barry Pepper, Jeremy Sisto, Peter Stormare"Unknown" combines major plot elements of movie trailers and gives pittance to the contributions of its respectable actors notably Jim Caviezel's unconvincing central character. And what is Greg Kinnear doing in a movie like this anyway? The story: five men wake up in an impossibly secured desert warehouse with their memories erased and try to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad. Editing is weak-the movie needs a good dose of suspense. Flashbacks are compromising, furthered by needless twists.Best Scene: Waking up.
Five men wake up in a warehouse with no way out, have no idea who they are, and why they are there. They soon discover that three of them are kidnappers and two of them are the kidnapped but with everyone's memory temporarily lost no one know's who's who. This is a great set up, and Unknown is well directed and has a great cast including Greg Kinnear and Jim Caviezal, and in the end it's a pretty memorable film.
5.5/10. It started out reminding me of the original "Saw", but it really ended up not being very much like that film. It is a fairly interesting film. I did not find it particularly compelling and my mind did wander from time to time, but there are a few memorable scenes. The cast is good. It's okay.
(***): Intriguing and interesting film. Good performances all around. A fun "Saturday Night at Home" movie.
UnkownWe saw this at blockbuster and decided to put it in our queue. Once we got it it sat on the shelf for about a week before we actually got around to watching it. I remember reading how it was a mind game much like a favorite called "Memento". We dropped it in the box and hit play....we were greeted with....The waking of an actor. He doesn't know his name. He doesn't know where he is or how he got there. Around him are several bodies. Looks like a big fight happened. They aren't dead just passed out. he's the first one awake. A quick search of the building and he finds he's locked in with the others. No way out. Everyone starts waking up, one man is shot. Another has a broken nose. One man is tied to a chair.It's discovered that there was a kidnapping, someone is a victim and the rest are the perps. But who?No one remembers who they are, how they got there, or what happened. Slowly they try to piece together how they got there. Who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. Over time, things said, events transpire to help people regain their memory... Who is a villan? Who is a Hero? Just when you think you have it figured out. The movie throws you a curve ball or two right to the last minute of the movie.Very well done. Very interesting psychological suspense movie. I wouldn't dare give anything away. Watch it for yourself....then we will talk.
More to come...
Yes, a memnto crossed with reservoir dogs and a bit of Saw. Foreseeable plot development but so well written that I would recommend watching more than once. Engaging character relationships and character developments. The cast was excellent.I hope to see more from this director again. July 6, 2007
This is a good movie. There's some violence and lots of swearing, but I loved it!!! It's a good mystery. The cast is packed with great actors. Come on.....Jesus is in it....what more can I say??? It's intense right from the beginning......they suck you in. You're finding out things as the characters are. I think that's the genius of it. The story gets you from beginning to end.
Great cast and premise but it doesn't go anywhere. The "twists" weren't all that great and the film ends abruptly. At least it only last 80 min.
So I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles for a film camp. It was a truly incredible experience. We made a movie and had a film pitch project. I did cinematography for a funny little film called May The Best Man Win. Really funny. The people there were just awesome. Part of the camp was also reading a script for some feature film called Unknown and we got to meet with the producers, Darby and Rick. Darby was really cool and down-to-earth and I didn't get to talk with Rick.The film is about a man who wakes up in an old industrial center with his memory gone. As memories from his past slowly enter his mind and the trapped people around him he has to discover his past leading up to a climactic battle with the bad guys. The film seems a bit butchered and the script was a lot more in depth and involving than the final cut of the film. Darby said that it was done by a new director and didn't exactly meet everyones' hopes. Oh well. It was a cool experience.
mildly entertaining
I love movies with a twist and this movie certainly had a number of them...all of them happening in the last 15 minutes of the movie. Definitely could have been executed better...nevertheless, it was entertaining.
Shoot a bit too much like something you'd see on TV. It engages, but doesn't fix all of its plot holes. Very diverse cast. It has the feel of an Independent film. Ending was a bit abrupt, but the whole film had a feel of a noir. Quite entertaining, though it could have been done better.