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Unthinkable 2010

A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons set to detonate in the U.S...

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Solar rating:8.2 /10


Imdb rating: 7.1 /10

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very intense and heavy film
I expected a major plot twist, and was very disappointed when the movie ended very dryly and without one. That alone brings my rating down to 2/10

I was expecting a clever, unexpected ending; this movie did not deliver.
Very interesting film this. Well worth watching.
oh snap I forgot all about this movie .it is an awesome movie with great acting and its something diff it shocked and tricked me which its rare a movie does one but both whooahh
AWSOME MOVIE! Wonder how i could miss that 2010! Wonderful statement on a maximum dilemma! S.L.Jackson at his best.
GREAT MOVIE! Honestly there were a few scenes in the beginning that made me think, "It's the, 'he's a bad*** cliché,'" but that didn't last long and for the most part the movie was golden! Very good Thriller.
I totally agree with 'alchemist1959', however, instead of, "Makes a strong statement about who we really are in this world", I would say, "Makes a strong statement about who you end up REALLY being, with your ACTIONS, versus, who you THINK you are and what principles you THINK you live by." Don't get me wrong, I get the whole, 'Sacrifice the few to save the many' aspect, and the military's willingness to/not to engage in said behavior, but personally this movie made an impact on me on a more individual level. Most of us like to think that we would choose the moral high ground, or that we live by some kind of credo, but to put it bluntly, talk IS cheap, and actions DO speak louder than words.
Jackson at his finest. Great great movie.9/10
8/10 good movie
Great movie. F***ed up. but good movie
@oldshuntr Spot on
Edge of you seat intense!
Awesome movie!!!
I'm not sure what to think of this film. Can't fault actors, nor script, not directing... Why is it then I feel it lacks something?
A most excellent movie. Makes a strong statement about who we really are in this world. We need more movies like this! 9/10
sam does mean so well but he still makes me smile.
second time watching this movie. Good movie 6/10
Don't know how i missed this one. Awesome movie.
Samuel on form as always!
How far would you go in moral and ethics to protect your own? What some have assumed, most have denied and others would never even imagine, that's what this is about. Nice to watch and ask yourself the question...How far would I go, if it meant saving lives of your own....
Quote from the Bible:
But what has man if he should gain the whole world but lose his soul.
Very good movie !!!