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Van Helsing 2004

The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr. Frankenstein's research and a werewolf for some sinister purpose...

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Solar rating:7.7 /10


Imdb rating: 6 /10

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This flick has set the benchmark for this sort of fantasy sci-fi movie since 04, excellent entertainment, 7/10
Just awesome!! Not one thing I would change about this flick. Great acting by all... Kate Beckinsale and Hugh Jackman being superb per usual in any of their films. A movie you can watch and watch and not get bored. Definitely recommend!!! Cheers! :)
love it 9/10
Visuals are good, at least with the digital effects work and I think all 3 of the vampire wives are very good looking. Plus Kate Beckinsale looks as beautiful as always. That said what a mess of a picture. This movie straddles so many boundaries it is funny and it is not really any of these: horror, superhero, sci-fi, or action. A big budget that delivers little.
I liked this movie more than more, probably because I only paid $1 to see it, but regardless, it was a good escape from reality for a few hours...
of course kate beckinsale's performance is quite possibly the worst of her career, it was overall an enjoyment, but by no means will it be winning any awards.
One Sentence ReviewA action packed vampire flick but plot holes and weak script ripped Helsins legend.
I seriously doubt Transylvania looked anything like its been portrayed here. The CGI effects were a bit too saturated or whatever its supposed to be for my tastes. Kate was pure rubbish with some strange accent. Jackman was so meh. Id rather refrain from writing about the script.
There may be no character development, no senseable dialouge. But I do like the movie. While the acting wasn't the most amazing acting i've seen from Jackman, but Bekinsale did suprise me, I admit. The script wasn't great but it wasn't as awful as people want to believe. But I will say that the movie was an enjoyable experience. Good action flick.
too much cgi and a bad plot. hugh jackman does manage to provide a likable hero but everyone else around him is just terrible and hammy. stephen sommers is an action mans director but with this he fumbles what could of been an excellent franchise. this film died in its tracks
It's not Dracula, it's not frankenstein, and its not the wolfman but it sure is trying to be all three at once it seems.
"Oh don't be so boring, everyone who says that dies!"Where do I begin with Van Helsing? Watching Hugh Jackman try to be a leading man is painful, what's more painful is watching Kate Beckinsale not only try and pull off one of the worst accents I've ever heard, but try to look sexy and cool while doing it. She fails, as usual, at both. Maybe not the best start to a review, but when your promotional poster displays Hugh Jackman with the tagline "The One Name They All Fear" and you know he is going to fail to carry the film on his Wolverine like shoulders. The fearless vampire slayer Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) has just killed Mr.Hyde (no, he's not just restricted to vampires) but has no time to rest as he is shipped off to Transylvania where there is a vampire the likes of which Van Helsing has never seen before. He teams up with a Gypsy Princess (that's how they describe her) Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale),and maybe, just maybe Van Helsing can defeat the evil Count Dracula and deal with all his ghouls to boot.Yeah, after reading that kind of blurb, the suspense is killing me too. But it's written and directed by Stephen Sommers (of The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion king, and all the sequels of that, fame), I can't expect much substance in plot from a man who made a whole film off the back of a single charter (that being The Scorpion King) and then it seems forgot about the back story he wrote for the sequel and so gave them a completely different one(that being O'Coner in The mummy Returns). Basically Stephen Sommers will trade off any part of the plot to make more action.Once you accept that and you ignore not only Kate Beckinsale but Hugh Jackman completely then you might enjoy Van Helsing, as the action is thick and fast and the adventure is the same, and in all fairness the special effects are, in places, breathtaking. (The tearing of the werewolf's skin is particularly nice). But no matter how hard you try you won't care for anyone in Van Helsing on any level and you probably won't bother to try and understand the plot, as it's empty as Woolworth's shelves.However, some of the acting isn't without its class, with Richard Roxburgh, giving a good attempt as Count Dracula, not the best accent I've ever heard, in fact, in places it is downright awful, but he gives it a good go and should get recognition for that. David Wenham almost sleepwalks through the film, upstaging everyone as Carl( Van Helsings offbeat comical sidekick) and Shuler Hensley does fine work as Frankenstein's Monster. Sadly all three of these actors could beat Hugh Jackmon in an acting role any day of the week. And mostly they run rings round him, shame really.If you have no love for horror, or want just a nice action packed film that doesn't make a lot of sense, you will like Van Helsing. As far as it goes, for all it's failures, I still sort of like it, but that could be put down to that I enjoy interpretations of Frankenstein's monster. Either way this is probably a higher rating than the film deserves. To say that Van Helsing is a joy to watch is an overstatement, however to say it's a bore and unpleasant is an overstatement too, I suppose in the end it's just ok. Yes, very ok, ish.
The great vampire hunter. I think Hugh did a good job. I didn't like his hair. He had great chemistry with Kate. I liked the movie.
Don't take this movie too seriously. If you do you will probably find yourself disappointed by how it turns out. It seems way too dark for kids and very stupid for the adults. The monsters that appeare all seem to be on a life support of CGI and don't feel very realistic in terms of character. I think the only good thing is that it has Hugh Jackman as the title character.
I liked the CGI but other than that....meh.
This movie had fantastic CGI and opened on an interesting premise. Lets face it though, it tumbled into an over contrived plot, and got smeered with over indulgent mud.
poor visuals and an ok plot saved by Mr Jackman
It's great fun! It's not an intellectual film, but it's not meant to be. Although it can be annoyingly melodramatic at times, it's simply a fun movie to watch. It does a very good job for the genre to which it belongs.
When Frankenstein's monster started explaining the mysteries of life with his eloquent speaking voice, I lost interest. Too much going on at one time to truly feel as though you understood the plot. Tried to come across as witty and clever, yet it left you feeling bored and confused.