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Wanderlust 2012

Rattled by sudden unemployment, a Manhattan couple surveys alternative living options, ultimately deciding to experiment with living on a rural commune where free love rules...

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Solar rating:7.3 /10


Imdb rating: 5.6 /10

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So funny! The scene where Paul Rudd is talking to himself in the mirror is hilarious. 8/10
Loved it! I needed cheering up & this did just that ;o) Exceedingly funny from beginning to end 10/10
HAHA Sundials correct too funny of a review! I loved watching this movie I died laughing all the way through, but most of all the animal interaction just killed me. Cheers...
I apologise too. Haven't laughed this much in weeks. I will try watching this one tho' only because of Ray Liotta.
I laughed at the last few reviews so much; I couldn't care if you reenact the entire film in your reviews. I'm going to watch Iron Sky tomorrow, because of it. Thank you =)
Now I loved this movie was continually cracking me up and boy was I embarrassed for them many times. I am NOT into some types of humor, but this was hysterical IMHO..9.5/10 but Paul Rudds latest film I can leave alone..
It was OK.It had its moments. Funny to see Linda Lavin {Rhoda} as the real estate lady. And why was Ray Liota even listed in the credits? He was in it less than 10 seconds. Hardly even a cameo.
A lot of the stuff that is supposed to be funny in this movie isn't so funny as it is too close to the stupidity of the society that we actually live in. There are some funny parts, but overall I think it is a waste of 2 hours of my life.
i know this is unrelated to the movie but i got 50 messages from some profile called "Im a robot" something like that.. saying there are new links added.. how can i stop that from happening? thanks:)
This movie is actually not bad. Has a certain style of dry humor that not everyone understands. A lot of Irony and awkwardness fuel certain situational laughs. 6/10
Come out June 19th on DVD. Wish someone would post a link :)
want to watch thiss
i haven't seen any links, i'm wanting to watch this also
this movie looks funny...
ahh no links still
please add links
been a couple of weeks now, still no links
still no links...
Agreed! Links please
Please add a putlocker link. Thanks!