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Whip It 2009

In Bodeen, Texas, an indie-rock loving misfit finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin...

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Solar rating:7.3 /10


Imdb rating: 6.9 /10

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I wish they were a little better at skating. The relationship chemistry was terrible and for a comedy it wasn't funny. I do think Barrymore didn't do too shabby for her directing debut. 5/10
Whip it good!
amazing movie, only fault is the lack of chemistry between her and that dude, their relationship was super boring. in retrospect it makes sense, what with her being a lesbian, lol. Whip it would have been much better if her love interest had been another roller derby chick.

Ellen needs to do a remake 10 years from now where she's one of the older leaders of the derby and is dating a younger woman ;) she'll still be cute as hell pushing 40 lol
This was a good movie . Love Ellen Page
Great balance between drama and excitement.
Pretty good story line, and enjoyable debut for Drew Barrymore as a producer. However "whip it" kinda felt like a roller coaster;the balance between comedy and drama wasn't well thought trough. In general, an agreeable movie for all those who enjoy the mixture of freedom and responsibilities.
What an awesome surprise! While Whip It does stick to the whole 'sports underdog' narrative formula, this movie is anything but mediocre like I was expecting. It's actually refreshing, joyful, and a whole lot of fun. Drew Barrymore proves that she has plenty of potential as a director - she gives Whip It a fresh punk-rock feel, and gets good performances all around from her talented cast. Ellen Page is excellent in a role that's surprisingly different from her Juno MacGuff. Marcia Gay Harden, Juliette Lewis, and especially Kristen Wiig are also fantastic - and I was happy to see Death Proof's cute and badass Zoe Bell show up in a small role. I definitely recommend Whip It - it's not incredibly original nor will it change your life, but if you're just expecting great fun then you'll come away satisfied.
This was an extremely fun movie. Easily a great movie that can appeal to both sexes very well. The characters work very well and you don't have any of those "poorly casted" actors that ruin good scenes in the movie. After seeing this movie I felt like putting on roller-skates and beating the piss out of people.
fun funny and touching but never is more than a better than average teen comedy
Great young adult film! Juliette Lewis adds interest and maturity to a fun, eclectic cast. Drew Barrymore puts rollar derby drama back on the map. Good girlfriend movie.
Whip It! was like a bad John Hughes movie...except i didn't enjoy it...Juliette Lewis is a bitch from hell in this one and she looks awesome! Drew Barrymore was funny and her directorial debut is somewhat believable...good enough for her first try.....loved it when Juliette called the timid little brat a suck up and threw her into a locker...that was classic!Ellen Page better watch out or she might just get typecast as the brooding alterno-chic who's mature for her age....oh wait! TOO LATE!the soundtrack was had all the right punk songs for the Hot Topic generation...typical punk anthems by the quintessential punk favorites......nothing original. it needed WAY more rockabilly, 'cuz that's what most derbygrrls are currently into these days.i happen to know a few gals on the roller derby team in the city i live in and their lives are NOTHING like this movie! their blue hair is NOT clipped on and definately NOT dyed that way accidentally....they don't have politically correct tattoos in all the politically correct places on their bodies. they don't sit around and bond over integrity, high-fiving eachother like football players, or gathering around the "queen bitch" of the rink.overall, this was an enjoyable flik for young women who DIDN'T get caught up in the Twilight craze, and no doubt will start a roller derby trend for awhile...and that's a plus, 'cuz it's an very underrated sport!i would suggest everyone go and watch a game at least once! take a group of friends out for a night of slicin' and dicin' by some of the baddest chics around or even join a team yourself! ...but if your a Hot Topic junkie or if your blue streak is a clip-on, you might get skate-checked for being a poseur!BETTER BEEF UP, BIOTCH!
One of my favorite movies of the year. Welcome to the world of directing Drew!
Great Soundtrack - and I just love Ellen Page! =)
Even though it's full of stuff we've seen before, it's still a nice little movie. Drew Barrymore does a great job directing and the cast is fun to watch.
I loved this movie so much the first time, even more the second time, and now want to buy it on DVD for sure.It's such a great movie, maybe cliched, with the familiar themes of the teenage girl finding her new passion, hiding it from her family, and then getting them to accept it at the end, but it uses these things in a new, fresh way. The movie does everything it's meant to perfectly, in my opinion.Great performances from all of the actors, especially Ellen Page, of course. Her best performance since Juno, and she's just going to keep getting better at this rate.Props to Barrymore as her directorial debut- she did an amazing job.
I absolutely loved this movie from the beginning to the end. I commend Drew on a job well done on directing this movie. I loved the story line, the characters, the dialogue, the wit and humor. My favorite scene is when Coach tries to get them to do a play from the book and the team refuses so he gives it to the other team to prove a point. You gotta watch it to see what happens. Ellen Page was excellent and i must says HANDS DOWN one of the my favorite movies so far this year. Good job Drew. cant believe it didn't make a lot of money at the box office. People who has not seen it, rent it asap or buy it.. BABE RUTHLESS .....
A directorial first for Barrymore, she brings her free spirit to a coming of age movie about a teen following her heart. Who would of thought that roller derbies could be such a laugh.
I thought i would enjoy this more than i actually did. Its great that Drew Barrymore has become a director, i just wish the movie was a little less weird and i little more funny. I enjoy rollerblading and thought that i would also enjoy this movie, but to some extent i didn't. The casting was good, as Ellen Page stuck to her usually wackiness.
Barrymore's directorial debut is as easy as a home-made pie but enough to supple the viewers satisfaction
A couple of times a year, quality directors like Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Coen-brothers and many more make great movies with scripts that do everything to avoid silly cliches. These guys are exactly known for staying away from cliches. Here we have a movie made from every single Hollywood cliche movies that has been thrown into the Hollywood dumpster. Not one original idea is to be found here, only old and overused formulas that even the most standard directors avoid with all their power. Whip It is a one big cliche and if you wanna see something original this is not the way to go.I am not saying this movie is all bad but I have too say, I don't see the point of making a movie that has been made so many times before and to be honest most of them are better. No performances stand out here and the actors give very little of them selfs but it's not like they had a lot of room to work with. I am still wondering why Drew Barrymore decided to direct this one herself but I know she has produced a lot of films including the amazing Donnie Darko.Whip It is a movie you can mildly enjoy and at times it's great fun but this movie could be so much better had there been more work and ambition put into making the characters less forgettable. Juliette Lewis, Alia Shawkat , Kristen Wiig, Zoe Bell and Barrymore are all very flat here and like I said before they are easily forgotten. Ellen Page is fine In her role even though she's just playing a more relaxed version of Juno. I liked Daniel Stern a lot(where the hell has he been?), Marciu Gay Harden and Andrew (brother of Luke and Owen) Wilson were trying to act a bit more then the others and deserve credit for that.Whip It is an innocent film for girls that are too young to understand the cliches that are everywhere in this film. The message is nice even though it's way to obvious. I also wanna complant the music that wasn't half-bad. I have no idea why Barrymore decided to call this movie Stick It, Derby Girl(name of the book) is so much better.5/10