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This movie made me die laughing. When John Travolta's chracter accidently blew up the bar i almost blew up laughing
It was really funny, I laugh so hard when they slap the bull on the ass.

Wild Hogs uses all the old material, slapstick, and racist comments that movies like City Slickers uses. All these actors are terrible especially John Travolta, and the movie does not click. The whole thing is really stupid and the jokes are not funny at all. Overall, this movies sucks!
I really enjoyed the movie, but maybe I'm a little biased because I own a Harley.
Wild Hogs is an extremely bland comedy, throwing around lame jokes in a desperate attempt to make something funny. Plus, the acting is just plain crap; Tim Allen hasn't been funny in years, Martin Lawrence was never funny, and I was never a fan of John Travolta (not even in Grease). It's not as bad as Ghost Rider (which I remember seeing the same day that my parents went to see Wild Hogs), but it's still pretty bad.
Very few laughs and a really bad attempt at a comedy
totally sucks :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten:
Predictable and cliche. William H. Macy is great, but I don't care about the other actors.
Tim Allen and John Travolta in a comedy is a recipe for disaster. No one would want to watch a movie about a bunch of middle aged men going across the country to find their youth starring the actors that are in it. Bad idea.

Again, this was one of those movies that we have no intention of getting its blu-ray format but was lucky to get it for a reasonably price. From the get go I think we all knew that this was a comedy with great casts.

The movie came out after Hairspray (at least we watched it after Hairspray) and thus we still have the John Travolta as-a-comedian image preparing to watch the movie. Plus the trailer looked kinda funny and truth be told, we did enjoy the movie if not slightly predictable.

The jokes were somewhat original and hilarious especially with the stuffs hitting their faces while riding on the bikes. But the most outstanding performance in our opinion lies with William H. Macy as he simply stole the show with his comedian acts. I didn't realise the guy had it in him to be a comedian but it worked. Tim Allen was in his usual typical tough but softie and funny-in-a-way act and John Travolta was in his "Be Cool" kinda act which was so different from his Hairspray acts (we were hoping him to follow that act but unfortunately that wasn't the case here).

Martin Lawrence and Marisa Tomei were both pretty good with their usual trademark acts. However, Ray Liotta also shined in this movie as a tough baddie and shared the limelight with William H. Macy. It was almost as if both were opposite with one another but seemingly appeared similar in their characters. I love the comedic ending with a new and flamboyantly renovated bar.... well you just have to watch it to appreciate it I guess.
While not the comedy pic of a lifetime, this one is worth watching if only for the brilliant Travolta and the dependable Tim Allen. I liked it. It got scathing reception from this website, but it doesn't deserve the rating.

The naked swimming hole scene lost me and could have been cut out, but other than that, this is a fairytale story of middle aged men throwing caution to the wind.

The fight scenes are pure Hollywood, of course. One belt from these "real" bikers would have been the hospital for any one of our 4 "pretenders".

This is a modernm day Don Quixote, or 4 bored men making a tour of America on their "Hogs", or actually they are stock bikes not worthy of the title, but they impress kids and no nothing adults who have this fantasy conception of Hells Angels.

Make no mistake, in their day, the biker gangs were ugly, nasty and pure HELL killers... needing extermination. Clothed in the idea of FREEDOM (?), biker gangs roamed the west, primarily, creating pure hell for their victims.

Emulating this behaviour is the real sin of this movie. In the end, however, the socialization of the 4 wannabees rule, and the real biker gang gets their comme upance by their founder, the owner of the bar who made big on insurance.

The system prevailes in this sad portrayl of the END of the innocence, of thinking the Wild West still exists in each of us. It does not, it only exists on filmography and in dusty books about rugged individualism.

That said, watch this one and forget the slapstick. Its all about us and our naive belief we can hit the road and forget our past. These boys tried and while for one brief, shining moment felt "free", were only to go back to their hum drum life of security.

Boy, but it was SWEET while it lasted, as this nearly lame movie demonstrates.
i dont beleive what hog-washed reveiws this movie got. Dont expect great acting...its a family comedy but i found it cute and laughable
This movie make stink in plot, but rocks in comedy!
The movie did make me laugh, but the acting is so bad, and the story so bizarre that the movie turns out to be a pretty bad one.
Not that great. Its really boring, predictable, just nothing funny about it.
A very funny movie.
not the best comedy out there but it has some funny moments and isn't trying to be anything more then a comedy. could of done with a better story and some better set pieces but there is still some fun to be had
Few laughs from this run of the mill buddy-buddy movie
nothing like several over the hill actors riding motorcycles to make you want your money back
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