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Wild Things 2 2004

Sequel to the hot film Wild Things, Wild Things 2 sees teenage bad girls Maya and Britney go on a sex and killing spree to win millions...

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michael landon eh? yuck.
Wild Things II comes nowhere close to being as good as the original with its cast of B-listers and a plot that tries so hard to incorporate as many surprises as possible one has to completely suspend any belief in order to wrap your mind around it. I had a very difficult time accepting Ward and Arcieri as high school seniors - and that was just one of many story devices I had a problem with. Anyone familiar with the first film will be able to predict a few of the twists but, to the credit of the screenwriters, Wild Things II manages to maintain some element of surprise. The acting is ok with one notable exception - Isaiah Washington is terrific as the insurance investigator who begins to unravel the murderous plot of Ward and Arcieri. Wild Things II is a mildly entertaining follow-up but it sure could have used the talents of Campbell, Richards, Dillon, and Bacon.Wild Things II is available now in 1.85:1 widescreen anamorphic and 5.1 Dolby Digital. Bonus features are limited to a making-of featurette that ultimately bores and a handful of trailers for films nobody wants to see.
Yeah, I know, I know. It was kind of like being in line at the grocery store and picking up that copy of People with the Olsen twins on the cover; an impulse buy. And the cover of Wild Things 2 features a soaking wet Susan Ward, which is hard for me to resist. So, I'm in line at the video store, I see Wild Things 2, and you know, it just ends up on top of the stack. That's just the way it goes sometimes. Wild Things 2, for the uninitiated, is the sequel to the Florida sleaze-fest, Wild Things, which featured as its centerpiece a three-way sex scene between Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, and Denise Richards, in which they doused each other's nude bodies with champagne to celebrate some vague double-cross as palm fronds rustled outside the motel room. You can imagine the cinematic nuance one might expect from a sequel. Wild Things is part of a great tradition of cheesy deep South sex noir that includes Palmetto, The Big Easy, Angelheart, and many others too negligible to name. In fact, a straight-to-video sequel to Wild Things needs a subtitle, to be certain, maybe Wild Things 2: Passion and Mayhem at Crotch-Level Creek. Or perhaps more accurately, Wild Things 2: More of the Same. Your enjoyment of Wild Things 2 is predicated almost entirely on how attractive you find Susan Ward (Taken). I, for one, find her very attractive, which explains this rather bizarre video rental choice, and which also earns the film it's generous 4 rating. Wild Things 2 is a bad movie, but not entirely unwatchable. Characters cross and double cross each other almost out of a sense of necessity, as if they're aware an audience came to watch them screw each other over, so they might as well. Every scene is shot from down low, with palm trees in the background, in order to attempt to establish the luxury of the surroundings. The characters talk and flirt, but they are all bark and no bite. You could play a drinking game with Wild Things 2, if you took a shot every time a character entered a scene glistening mildly. The film features a rather tame three-way sex scene in which Susan Ward is the female who leaves her top on, presumably to keep in touch with the path forged by the seminal Wild Things, and Neve Campbell's similar refusal to do nudity. In fact, the squareness of this film provides much of the entertainment value. There are TWO slo-mo scenes of females playing beach volleyball, and the angles and music are meant to titillate, but the girls are all wearing very, very modest sports bras, so the whole thing comes off as funny. This movie's badness defies logic, yet I didn't turn it off. That, in and of itself, defies explanation.
Leila Arcieri's boobies are not in this movie. She uses a body double whose boobies might I add are not up to Leila Arcieri standards. Susan Ward (I keep wanting to say Sela Ward) and Leila do kiss though.
I got this gem from Netflix and it has been collecting dust as every other DVD that I receive gets pushed up in my mind as the one "I'd rather watch than Wild Things 2" I don't even know why I picked it up. It's way too much like the original, but only on the surface. The twists aren't as fun as the original, and some places it's blatently obvious what's going to happen. A lot of B-level actors and lack of attention to detail. :rotten: :rolleyes:
Like in the original, filled with all kinds of twists and scantily clad beautiful women . It's entertaining, and equally forgettable as well. The cast does fine, no one is great or bad.
The second is little skanky in sections but has a plot line that keeps you engaged and interested.
Wild Things 2 is a pretty stupid movie that copies the original's story and brings nothing new. The acting is bad, with a boring story thats full of unnecessary nudity. Not a good sequel at all.