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X-Men 2000

Two mutants come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team must oppose a terrorist organization with similar powers...

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Solar rating:8.2 /10


Imdb rating :7.4 /10

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Ok Ok movie....
Good movie to start the X-men series....loved the wolverine...
Good movie, liked it very much. Great start to an even greater series.
Classic Movie.. I actually enjoyed is on the rewatch.. thats so Rare in movies.. Rouge and those lips lol yummy.. Great flick!
hadn't seen this in a while glad I re-re-re-watched it has still got it. If your looking for a good re watch or even first time watch and find yourself on this page I highly recommend it
Ok like Marty1991 said...Today I will start my X-MEN marathon, watching 1-4 to prepare me for X-MEN Days of future past.#LOVEIT
Gonna start my X Men marathon now with the new one coming out shortly.
I love this movie. second is little better but that doesn't matter. Hugh and Anna are so great and I love their characthers so much. hated the third for shooting Rouge and leaving us unclear did she die or not(didn't like the idea of dead). I'm seriously looking forward 2 the 5th instalment - can't really wait. I truly hope Rogue is on it - love her. Great movies but third suchs - I think U know Y
While other superhero movies invite you into their world, X Men just parades around wanting to be the centre of attention....looking good but offering little.
X-Men was pretty much the revival for comic book to film adaptions. it had everything, good story, great acting, and great special effects. very good action flick. great film *** out of 4
great film, it's the most origin wise of the trilogy (well it's the first one) it stayed true to the comics and it made me get back in to comics after a four year hiatus which says a lot about a film, overall a great movie
X-Men proves that even in the modern day of film, Superhero films can be done right. While previous films such as Batman & Robin and Supergirl have disapointed fans all over, X-Men uses its colourful cast of characters and uses them all superbly. The story is interesting and the acting itself is pretty good, but no-one cares so much about that when they can see their favourite mutants in live action. The only thing missing is Gambit.
This is a great movie that has excellent casting and narritive. It is a shame that it focuses more on Wolverine then anyone else but all of the familiar and favourite faces can be noticed.
This was a very good start to thenow ever-lasting series. Hugh Jackman played a very good Wolverine in my view, and Halle Berry played a very good Storm. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.
Short, to the point, and smart. The action picks up fast and I actually found myself caring for the quickly developed but solid characters. You will probably enjoy it even if you hate comic books. It finds a weird way to appeal to comic fans and movie fans alike.Rating: PG-13
List of best movies ever made that are based off comic books.1. The Dark Knight2. Batman Begins3. X-MenThat was insanely good! I don't know how anyone could think this is a bad movie. And if you only didn't see it because "it was based off a comic book", watch this and you'll even see the Green Hornet, which Seth Rogen is in. (Who in their right mind would see that?)Star-studded (Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James Marsden) this film takes off at an impressive rate and never slows. Hugh Jackman was incredible as Wolverine and I've seen every X-Men movie ever since, and I'm even gonna see the next one in the prequel series (X-Men Origins: Magneto). I don't give the Dark Knight an A+, because it was over 2 1/2 hours long. But X-Men is 1 hour 45 minutes, which means it can keep your attention through the whole movie. The Dark Knight only did because it was so gnarly awesome. You can find this in pretty much any video store (or on Netflix), so if you haven't seen this movie, GO TO A VIDEO STORE AND/OR RENT FROM NETFLIX AND SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW! You will not be disappointed, and if you are, you need to see a psychiatrist.
This is a good adaption of the comic book. I was really surprise with it. Good performances and great special effects. I love the fact that Singer mix the social commentary with unbelivable characters. As well as the movie has a large assortment of characters manged well. It felt kinda slow paced for me and the story is 90% percent faithfull not a 100%, but the movie is still awesome.MP Grade A-
This movie really brought some of today's biggest stars to light. Hugh Jackman, Anne Paquin and a host of others (did Halle Berry have much of a career before this?) all broke into the mainstream with this terrific comic book-adaption. Plenty of action with plenty of character is seldom scene, and X-men is one of those movies you'd expect nothing new could be done with, but this film manages to be possibly one of the best action movies of the year. Even the story managed to hold its own, even with a few shocks and a satisfying ending. An amazing film.
up till the Dark Knight this was the best comic movie
A great superhero film that along with Spider-Man helped relaunch the genre. It may not remain completely true to the comics but no one can deny that this is one of the best Superhero team movies ever made. You have a great set of actors that fit their parts and a plot that works as a movie but still feels comic bookish.